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Providing for financial disclosure on the part of elected officials and candidates representative legrand. There's always talk about ethics in the legislature and improving the transparency. But nothing ever seems to happen. What makes you think this is going to be different. Well the answer is You know sometimes. Maybe there's a phrase the third. Time's the charm. I've been working on this since i got to the legislature and i'm going into my third and a half term here There are real reasons to think that we've made progress. This session eat built so so your listeners. What we're talking about. My package is focusing on financial disclosure and conflicts of interest and That's an issue this. I think of particular timeliness and urgency right now given the widespread distrust politicians out in the general public. So i think it's really important that we do everything. We can signal transparency. So maybe the events of last year's election crisis are gonna Some urgency around this issue for people who have taken it all that seriously before you know a couple of sessions ago The former speaker of the house famously. Said i don't think voters care about that when he was asked about transparency and accountability. So i think that the political winds may have shifted and there One of the more exciting reasons to this is going to go. Well is because when we introduced this package just this week i we. I dropped a bill to had sixty three cosponsors on it. The house piece. That's a clear majority of one hundred ten people and that's that's people who sign on the dotted line in advance So clearly this is something that the majority of the house is interested in having taken up whether we get to a majority in the senate where we can get a hearing in the senate or remains to be seen. But like i said i think the inch the issue is very very timely. Because what we're talking about breaking the cycle of distrust between elected officials and the general. Look there are disclosures and then there are disclosures how deep with the disclosure be for state Politicians in in your package so the answer to that is mine is a lot less invasive sedan. Say the federal form I i looked at the federal form that you'd have to fill out. If you were you know running for congress or running for senator in the congress of the senate and yet i get about halfway through that form and i i started imaginatively worried about getting worried about committing perjury. I mean they're they're asking you things like didn't tell us every item of value in your house worth more than a thousand dollars and i'm thinking well okay. Like what if i miss a nice rug or like i dunno..

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