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Will have to give. So how do we treat ourselves when we fail to be silence ourselves ourselves up intentionally. Tell ourselves how awful useless worthless we are. Do we keep trying to be better and do better to prove ourselves in the world that we are enough or walk henry instead show ourselves some love kindness and understanding these unrealistic expectations of mothers and women pass down through the generations and through the media and making us miserable and sick trying to attain the impossible vision of the pethick modern woman that does and has it all henry instead find the true woman and the true mother that we are and love and on a hair with all our heart so she can shine bright and light up her own world and that those around her. That's what i've learnt to do now. That's how i've completely redefined here. I am i hope from the bottom of my heart that you have heard something tonight that makes you realize that you're doing a great job that the expectations that we hold for women and mothers especially in a global pandemic on really steak and unhelpful and toxic. And that you get to choose just as vicky said what do we do to a beta cells up to keep going or do we choose to do it differently. If you want to join this beautiful or next eight weeks study of womanhood and motherhood please go to this website. Which is amy taliban's dot com slash redefine dash mother among muhammad redefined national on the hood. And do it in the next forty eight hours and you will be sitting at the fate of one of our great teaches on motherhood and womanhood as well as joining may holding my hand and so many others as we continue to redefine and break that matana mandate decided to do motherhood in a way. That feels good. That honest who we are that allows us to enjoy our children but also feel hallway key. And if you want to be part of the redefine program. Please go to amy taylor. Quebec's dot com slash radio. Fine dash motherhood..

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