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Be county sheriff's office says he was identified through his fingerprints the the c's person was going to side of the run eight told the are you lose a little rock but he's originally from texas it implications maker fingerprints and right now we don't have official cause of death it's still been in he said at the time he was found he had not been reported messing a man has been charged with first degree murder in the death of thirty seven year old chap for the bond forty four year old johnny heart ascent of clarksville was charged on tuesday and newton county circuit court according to arkansas online he told police he found his girlfriend on december fourth underneath the chevrolet cavalier that fell off its jack and medical examine or with the state crime laboratory ruled the death of hockey aside explaining the cause of death with strangulation and i'm glad for specialty injuries police also found no evidence that the scene of a jack being used to elevate the car a former arkansas police officer with sense to five years in prison thursday col bond pleaded guilty to second degree sexual assault against a minor in november arkansas online reports the violations occurred in early two thousand fifteen when he admitted during an interview that he received nude photographs might be male minor vs snap chap and had explicit conversations with that same minor a suspect accused of shooting eight dogs to death pleaded not guilty according to the texarkana does that twenty five year old brian more bases eight cap counts of animal cruelty district court judge man yeah word scheduled a trial date for march fourteenth more allegedly shot eight dogs some with mike or chips from the fort worth texas animal shelter the doctor found dead at the house were more and his girlfriend land it the investigation began december third when he executive director of the architect animals rescue and texarkana contacted be agency after finding several dead dogs and four living dogs at.

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