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And if it reaches that point, I wouldn't but in general, I kind of do wanna back just because I still think he has some gas left in the tank he's gonna be kinda were talking about earlier, the are limited cafes. So they can't to spend money everywhere. They're gonna go have to cheap at some places. And I just think you know, that's potentially area where they could go cheap. The next guy is also very interesting. And I I'm not exactly sure where I land on Ronald Darby be Eljay because of the emergence of Avantis Maddox this year, and we saw Russell Douglas play very well when when they eventually got on the field and got enough Rapson and started to feel comfortable in the secondary. If Jalen Mills's back in healthy, and you've gotta vont mattox. And you've got Russell Douglas. Do you spend the money that? It would need to take to keep Ronald Darby and sign him for another however, many years of guaranteed cash. It would take to keep them in Philadelphia. No know. You know, I don't think you can you have someone youth and talent in the secondary already without him. I just don't think it makes any sense. Honestly, he's he's probably one of the top corners on the market. So teams are going to be after him infrequency, even coming off, this ACL tear. I think unless something weird situation where his market totally just doesn't materialize. And he's looking to come back on one year deal of some sort when you're at deal. That's where I would consider it. But I like round Darby. I think he's a good player. I just don't think it makes sense financially for the eagles are really for him to to make that work where he comes back. So he's going to be gone should be gone. And really he's probably someone you're really counting on to help. Get that cockpit formula going in the eagles favor. You know, meaning like he signed somewhere, and that's going to help the eagles get that compensate. Very pick in with him pending on the deal. You gets it could be three or four. So you almost have to look at it that way, you're almost. Trading him for a future pick. And I think everyone would probably do that. Yeah. I would too. I think the I loved what I saw from Madison. I really thought Douglas played really well at the end of the season to pair them with Jalen mills. I think that's a very nice trio. You could get that trio on the field for pretty cheap couple of the guys to mention here, Jordan Hicks. I don't know what to make Jordan hick spiel because there there have been times during his eagles career where he has played like an impact player, but he he was and the rest of the linebacking corps was completely invisible in two thousand eighteen and I know that the eagles defense is not set up like the Dallas Cowboys defense. But when you watch the Cowboys play, and you see how athletic and versatile, their linebackers are makes me wanna have a couple of linebackers, or at least one linebacker that can do some of those things. And I thought that Jordan Hicks was going to be one of those guys at a certain point. But you know for so much of the season. He didn't miss much of. The season. He he'd had a few games where he was out with an injury. But he really was healthy for the large majority of the season. And you never heard his name mentioned. I don't think I would bring him back next year, Brandon. I maybe I don't know what else is out there haven't really looked closely at linebacker and free agency. But, you know, unless you get him again on a on a cheaper deal might be looking to upgrade so weird spot and speaking of Levick, she'll potty of flick earlier this week had pointed out the Nigel Brad him, Jordan necks combined for zero interceptions and zero force fumbles in two thousand eighteen now to be fair to Jordan aches he did have that one to flesh in which caused that Kamu who Jay hill interception early in the giants game. So he did have that play but point being just enough. And it's so weird because for most of Jordan his career up to the season. He's really like been a ball magnet. Like that guy. Always makes plates on the ball. It was crazy. I remember looking at stats going into early in two thousand..

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