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Win two games in a row look there. There's there's so much to address. I you're right. Tears man should shoulda shot the lamp number one. He should assad layup. Nick baotou should he. I'm glad you brought up the nixon patrick ewing because it did remind me kind of charles smith missing those layups against the chicago bulls. So i hear where you're coming from. The best way or does not always have to take the last shot nick. I'm not here to defend the clippers front office. But you are off the rails. Okay how's the lakers. Roster look when you take. Anthony davis off of that are or take their two best players off of that. I mean. i didn't go all the way around the league. Ac a lot of teams to bass struggle. No they're all there. Nick know what i'm saying is if i take away. The two best wears off the clippers. I'll take the clippers roster against the lakers roster. I know you t h t is t inti. He's not all right. They should've went down. They wouldn't be on the brink roster. Don't worry about the rally. We'll take their two best players off. That's all they say. I just think that was unfair. Right now this series on the clippers are hanging on by their chinni. Chin-chin all right. They're not dead. They've got a little life but my prediction is the mavs. Closed them out in six brandon. I'm sorry but you have to stop bragging after my goodness listen. They've played they've played eleven games in the last two years of the playoffs. In two of those games. Luca got hurt in the other. Get nine games. Luka is averaging averaging thirty six points and the mavs have won six of them are. I'm sorry five of them so like a win. Luca is healthy. The clippers cannot beat them back. Toback can't do it so brandon. All my are you. I'm just curious. Are you picking the class. I'm not gonna debate when we get this deepening conversation when it comes to basketball. I'm gonna let you and chris go deeper. Let you guys know how this thing is going to play out the rest of the way. Because like i said earlier. My playoff predictions are spot on so luca in a math. Come out they win. Games into what happens could wipe paul. George todd luther back against the wall they come out. They wing game three win game for now all of a sudden. It's back the game. Three ot lucas. Dillon would've cervical strain. I never heard. I played thirteen years in the national football league. Thirteen surgeries never heard of a server. Cervical strain what is that. How does that work. How do you. How do you realize that all of a sudden game four. They win game five. They are tired. This is the problem. And this is why the clippers will win game six and game seven. I'm going to go with the champion. I'm going to go with todd louis. Champion going to go with a champion has played con. Let me tell you what. Let me tell you what. Europe boy laconic nick. He's not in shape so when you go the game three. We talk about this cervical strain. That boy who was high. He was tired average thirty. You didn't.

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