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Would this be authorized? I would say no. The experts also say that the department does allow for neck restraints, depending on the degree of physical resistance from a suspect. Martin Costea. NPR NEWS Minneapolis, California Governor Gamma Newsome says enough residents in his state of unvaccinated Or businesses there to reopen to business as usual in June, with the expectation of an abundance of doses coming in from the federal government through the end of this month and into May We can confidently say by June 15th that we can start to open up as business as usual. Newsome says his state is administered seven million more vaccine backs doses than any other state in the nation, and that all but five countries Disneyland plans to reopen some attractions at it's Anaheim, California site beginning April 30th. United Airlines plans to hire pilots this year and more in the long run. The carrier says it will train 5000 pilots over the next decade and says it hopes half of the trainees will be women or people of color. Until recently, United had threatened to fertile workers, including pilots because of pandemic related travel during downturns. The Arkansas Legislature has voted to override a veto of a bill. That would bar miners from receiving gender confirming medical care. Tales from Michael Hid Blin of member station K U A R in little rock in issuing the feet toe definite reso Hutchinson called the bill quote a vast overreach. Because a simple majority vote is needed to override. If Ito, the Republican governor, said he expected lawmakers would overwrite his veto. I don't consider it a surprise. I stated my convictions and beliefs yesterday and I understand their vote in the support for the House and Senate. Arkansas already bans gender confirming surgery Four minors. A new law. What also prevent miners from receiving hormone treatments for NPR news, So Michael Evelyn in Little Rock. Wall Street stocks close slightly lower with the down, falling 96 points. The NASDAQ composite index lost seven. This is NPR. Authorities in Frederick, Maryland, are sharing more details on the shooting that left AH gunman dead and two others wounded near a military site. Joe McCord of member station to be Y. P R has details. Frederick Police chief Jason Landau said the shootings took place at a Navy office in a business park. But he wouldn't say what that office was. He identified the shooter as a 38 year old Navy Petty officer third class and said the victims were Navy personnel. Brigadier General Michael Talley said the shooter was stopped at the Fort Dietrich Gates but sped away before guards could search him. Police chased him to a parking lot. Yeah, then brandished a weapon.

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