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Switching their tickets. You can switch your this is complicate. I'm gonna see at the Alamo on Saturday with Jen. Bye. That's what I did never out with us. But I have breaking news for interview that doesn't pertain to the show at all. Today when I have a moment of silence and peace around here, which never happens. Kevin. I'm buying A-List movie pass whatever the fuck with Tim sold me on the in terms of cheaper. Just do it. It'll help in review, and I do som- doing that. So there you go. Here's here's my thing. Why not company expense it for all of us? All of us now use it for work. You know what? I mean. I mean, take that up with Tim Tam. No, he's he's just going to say, no because he sucks. I don't know how to tell him that yesterday. He expected for Nicon, Andy I fucking new height avenue. It talked about it definitely expense. Today there. Hang out with us have together. Morehouse patriot producers. Tom Bach blackjack Mojave Mojave today. We're brought to you by hymns in twenty three and me. But I'll tell you about that later for now. Let's begin the show with what is an forever will be the rope reports. We're getting close you know, what I mean? It's three financial year. Some of them are short some of them. Are here's one that starts on the no debt, and then we get a little bit tidbits in there that interesting number one. Let's talk about Nintendo's e three plan. They review restate press. Release today that reads like this Nintendo has outlined its plans for the e three twenty nineteen video game trade show, which.

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