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Man released in January of nineteen sixty nine Tammy Wynette stand by your man was our fourth studio album its title track topped the country singles chart her fifth single to do so it proved to be our most successful song and one of those recorded songs and all of country music it said the song only took fifteen minutes to write in line it was criticized by people who claim the lyrics were anti feminist traffic and weather together on the news radio ten eighty KRLD it is for awaits alright let's get started on six thirty five it's already a mess regularly picks up bad manse indeed eastbound six thirty five it's after Skillman an accident blocking the express lane and the three left main lane so that's why your stop and go from just before seventy five south on thirty five before seniors Olivia blacks and they're still reportedly blocking that right lane and is now slower back in the mix master he spent thirty before regard your grand prairie they've got the left lane blocked to clear an accident your jam packed from just before belt line now south Dallas as you're heading away from Duncanville on westbound twenty just after mountain creek got the left lane blocked up there to clear an accident you'll come to that back up as you get to cedar ridge Dr in Addison the Dallas north tollway is going to be completely stopped right around Trinity mills the cars is an accident taking away your outside lanes around belt line road so you're getting by the middle of the freeway and that's gonna be about a twenty minute delay midway road of course helps you out in wood Addison road that helps you out even more a new one reported in farmers branch thirty five the north around belt line road always a trouble area regardless of whether or not we have a problem and now we have a problem reported so we'll take a closer look at that and Randy we've got a problem in downtown fort worth yeah Bonnie spent thirty ramp this up on thirty five W. the accidents blocking two right lanes south on thirty five W. is slow back to north side drive in east about thirty that's slow from forced park also southbound three sixty there are pockets of slow traffic from one eighty three to Mayfield in Arlington and westbound thirty from Cooper to sandy lane in Arlington traffic is moving slow just getting started on some slow traffic rolling out towards Rowlett so if you're trying to get over the lake ray Hubbard bridge on the eastbound I. thirty got some brake lights to sift through their starting Zion starting rounds and road and heading over to at least the first portion of the bridge I'm Julie Rogers next reported for eighteen and breaking traffic alerts when they happen and the a nice stretch of days with below normal temperatures hello there I'm in B. C. five chief meteorologist Rick Mitchell we've got a cold front moves through will really notice it tomorrow forecast tonight.

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