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People. You'll get ran about a here and why folks not going to accept that and black folks ain't going to believe so. I just I think they will the fact that they elected president twice. I think America would accept a vice president. That's just my thinking talking who were critical of Obama because he didn't have more of a specific lack agenda Jay. I was just saying that. I don't think you can expect him to pick that because DNA. It'll show black agenda. I think the problem that this is what I'm afraid of in this country we because of the election of Donald Trump because of the potential re-election of Donald Trump with all that he's done that's so not representative of what you want as a leader of this country that how many followers he really have if I think that outlook I'm a vote for Scholley will in a heartbeat. But I'm afraid that White America will run from a black woman because let me tell you why I'm saying that because are going to be. Oh No not before one of us and then you're going to get a black woman and white men. I just don't know how they vote for. Have her run our country because there is steel. Steel sexism in the mind of men. And you and you throw sexism and you put any form of racism. A million probably divide. Do I think them sisters do a great job I think he saw on? Tv With List Yell Him. Girls be bad with it. I just don't think Morocco we'll do it but if they get on this ticket the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Go push like champs. Oh absolutely but a lot of people said that about Obama was about America Radha. It would be a big help to his running for president in terms of the black. Vote the black if I think he put himself in a corner by saying that now by thing would have been better. Because now we're all in disciplining is going to be black is going to be. Why isn't GonNa Hispanic is going to be older? It's GonNa be said Joe Athletics on him. So what does he met? A whoever he picks he's GonNa piss off somebody posing as opposed to just not putting it out there and even if he didn't say somebody would be mad leads every rate or now with. Yeah Okay Yeah. I saw the list of law and they had the three sisters. This wasn't the list was to comprehend. And then it was Elizabeth Warren CHR- amy and and lady out of Michigan. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah all records to the governor of mom okay with anyone you gotta get somebody where people have proven would have voted for. And who has been proven that they would vote for Stacey Abrams has proven that people would vote for her calmly had people voting for her Elizabeth. Warren had people voluntarily and let Amy Klobuchar had not only people voting for her but she was saying some smart stuff that could have got. I got an ad out have name recognition name recognition. All that you said Steve. I got it today. Ooh Megan the stallion vote. We vote put on any Damn Thang Traffic Tiki. What Joe Biden and done deal? I can't imagine walking up to the show in pants. Piston lose his religion he goes. Oh Oh my Lord. Oh they can't when he said during the debates would you have a woman as a running mate he said of course if I went in I will pick a woman. I think that painted into a corner but now listen to this though. I think that he could not pick a man better I agreed with us out there available. I that's that's the only person that would make a great running mate for him. Is the governor of New York Cuomo? Do I would squash squash the black one talk to exempt you right because he has proven to be a leader and this is not to say there are plenty of qualified women plenty of women that yet. Hispanic plenty of very qualified still. We live in a male dominated society. And that's what I'm afraid of with this vote because I'm telling you that debt for trump. Will you listen to them talk? You go with miscues me you. You've voting for Maynard who has done some things to his wives over the years that you would agree with and currently while Mary paid off a Porno Star. One hundred thirty thousand dollars hush way with it and walked up. Playboy bunny into your home where your wife's Lille and your wife's room where she spends more time wait a minute man. I'm confused here. I'm so confused about that. And for women to turn around and okay that when women are such in solidarity for one another when they get hurt the things like that I just go. Wait a minute man are. You're just ignoring the facts here that that kind of throws me a little. Basically the woman met had the shirt on that said he can grab my p right anytime semi. That's sums it all up. Surely you exactly right but you know what women for trump throws me like when I see. Blacks trump. They had that that group of young blacks at the White House and the president has done so much for black people. I wanted to go. Yalu Young Stupid Ass. What has trump done for black? I wouldn't I wish he was. My nephew knocked his ass. When you came back off de knocked his book out on that note. We'RE GONNA move on. That's politics man coming up in the top of the hour guys right about four minutes after. It's my strawberry letter Ford today. Subject noisy naughty new neighbor. We'll get into it right after this. You're listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show. Here's something good. A new show from the Seneca Women podcast network and iheartradio each day. We aspire to bring you the good news the silver lining the glass half full because there is good happening the world everywhere every day. We just need to look for and share it. Here's something good. It's a short daily. Showed offers positive stories helpful suggestions and shared experiences to inform and inspire you every day. Listen to hear something. Good on the iheartradio APP APPLE. Podcast or wherever you listen to. Your favorite shows subscribe now. I'm Jensen carpet. 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