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Now block on top throws and a fastball low and inside for all. Chris Taylor has been having a miserable year. And was let's see. Yeah. He was over to in this game. But the double that's his third. Double of the season is eight nine Darby Jj up is a high drive the deep left field way back. They're still going. It is gone. Dan news to on Homer now J six running nine to one dodgers. PK Hernandez is only three for seventeen in his career against time. Lock. But I guess he was sitting on that JJ. And he launched it. He was right on it as being shot into straightaway left field. Six run inning for the dodgers. Here's Cory Seager. Together and a slider in there for a called strike. Thai blocks. First inning of the year is a nightmare. Swang and cigarettes high fly ball foul line that will go back into the crowd. So Arteta left you to gave chase. Toward the left field corner. Well, down the line..

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