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One, eh? I'm Jen White in Washington. All eyes are on Georgia. What was once a solidly Republican state is turning purple. They're still balanced account. But George is going to be in the national spotlight long after the final tally of the presidential election is in That's because Georgia will decide which party wins the majority in the Senate. Here with us to talk about the crucial role Georgia is playing in this election is Greg Bleustein. He's a political reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Greg Welcome back. Thanks for having me so give us the latest on what's happening in Georgia. A recount is likely. But what impact with that half and when will we know the final count? Yeah, Rico is likely We're not expected. Even state officials. Even Republicans acknowledge that it is not likely to change the outcome of the race. Joe Biden now has at this moment elite of about 12,000 votes over Georgia. There's only a handful of about we're not exactly sure how many ballots you must be kind of a very, very small number. We're getting one or two at a time now at this point in the race and one of the next big deadlines certification statement to certify the vote until there's a recount. There are some Republican efforts to delay the certification. I don't think they're going to go anywhere. But that is the next big threshold. And then once their certification there will be a recount. And at that point, I think you'll start seeing more networks or some networks at least call the race in Georgia. Now, at this point, we should say that Joe Biden doesn't need Georgia to win the election. But what would it mean for Democrats to flip Georgia? Yeah, You know, it's interesting for 1000 Trump. George has always been a must win. I mean, this was this was crucial to any sort of half to 270 electoral votes. That's why I spent a decent amount of time here. In the run up to November, especially compared to 2016 when neither he nor Hillary Clinton's at any time here in the final months of the race for Joe Biden just kind of be a cherry on top. Democrats have been talking for decade plus here in Georgia about about demographics, changing about the ability to really challenge Republican rule in Georgia. It's kind of like the overnight success that happened. It took years in the making for Democrats they are going to be. They are jubilant in Georgia. This would be the first time that Democrats win Georgia Presidential Asians 92. And and also, I think, just as importantly, the first time Democrats win in a statewide contest since 2006 well, Georgia has to open Senate seats this year. Both are going to a runoff in January. Talk about the importance of these races. Yeah, it looks like Senate control boils down to these two races. So basically Joe Biden's administration his his agenda is on the line for Republicans and a rallying cry. Republicans your trying to gin up the base. They're trying to motivate their core supporters. The same people who came out in droves with President Trump the last two cycles to come back in January. The Republicans have tradition on their side. They had won every statewide runoff revote in Georgia history, which is kind of staggering. Think about Even dating back to the nineties, when Democrats were were in control of Georgia government. Compare that with Democrats who say yes, you know way have a track record of losing these contests. But there's not. There's no comparison, Tio lets say the 2018 statewide runoff in this contest when there'll be maybe a half a billion dollars. Every surrogate I could think of will be down here public between now and January, right up. Maybe President Trump and President elect Button and they think to that having Raphael Warnock, who's the pastor of Ebony's about this church, which was Martin Luther King Jr historic Pulpit. You think having him at the top of the ticket along with John also Energize African American voters. Younger voters more diverse voters who usually don't show up to these overtime contests were talking to Greg Bleustein, political reporter for The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Ah, Greg, Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Leffler issued a joint statement yesterday calling for George's secretary of State brand, Rothen's Burger to step down because of his handling of the election. Now Robbins Burger responded by saying that his resignation quote is not going to happen. Whatever do and Leffler claim King Robert's Parker did or or didn't dio Yeah, This is a stunning move, especially when you take account that they're all Republicans. So Republicans are attacking other Republicans over the administration of the election. And what's even more staggering is that in June, when we had a very Tough. We call that a meltdown on the front page of The Lancet journal Constitution. But you know it's disastrous primary. In many ways they did not issue these calls is only after President Trump lost Georgia. They are issuing these calls. But essentially there they are. They're kind of echoing the Trump administration's efforts. Teo to question the legitimacy of Joe Biden election. And they're bringing up their bringing up issues that they could call them irregularities they call. They're They're They're hinting at voter fraud, but they're not showing any shred of evidence that any of this happened, so will this go anywhere? I don't think so. I mean, you got you got Brad wrap things up there, the secretary of State, saying I'm staying put. He was duly elected in a 2018 runoff that the same figures who are now calling for his ouster supported him in At the same time, he's got other backup. The lieutenant governor of Georgia, the number two office holder in the state of Georgia. Jeff Duncan went on CNN just hours before this call. Bye bye. The two senators and said there's no evidence of any systemic wrong during any systemic. Irregularities in Georgia. So there are other Republicans who are sort of trying to be the voice of reason here and saying Don't don't don't undermine democratic principles here in Georgia. What does that say? Heading into a runoff election just a few months away from now. Yeah, it's a major concern for Republicans, because if they keep on hearing the message that the votes fraudulent that it's rigged that you know that the outcome is already predetermined, and the Democrats are out to get us. And how do you get them back to the polls in January in the weeks before that early voting, right? It's a major concern they have and look You know, I think if you if you gave a truth of some of the operatives who working for these two campaigns, they say they're in a lot between a rock and a hard place here because they're also worried that one negative word from President Trump. If you're not sufficiently supportive of his claims could take their chances. So I think I think this is their kind of middle ground. Maybe, although to the rest of the world that seems like extreme position now again. Georgia has yet to be called. But Biden is currently in the lead If he wins Georgia. What does that mean for this runoff election and the strategy you might see Democrats take leading after January 5th. Well, we're already seeing that that being played out, and it's really interesting because I just left the press conference with John off the the other Democratic contender here, and he's trying to echo exactly what Joe Biden to a victory in Georgia. That is the same thing that brought him to victory on the nation..

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