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Aggressively um we got right about two hundred eighty thousand dollars total emergency fund and i'll look at you yeah thing on i know that found nutty but there's not many home in areas near public transportation that are falling your price range and there's twenty or thirty bidders on every hall that's so it could be a while before we get a winning bid on one of these places um so we're trying to figure out what do we do with this large sum of money in the meantime like you know it seems like it makes sense to invest it we hate lives have habit sitting there but it could backed it off the me a really short timeframe friends you know investing you have not that's a smart move are not ninety eight percent and i didn't make that number up of the fiveyear periods in the stock markets history made money only about sixty four percent of the threeyear periods made money and when you go less than three years your percentages go i've up even further and so the problem measure putting your money on a rollercoaster ride and we don't know whether it's going to be at the top of the bottom when you get your bid so you're 280 could be worth two fifty or it could be worth 320 i don't want to take that risk if i'm on your shoes um i mean it's he'd there's no middle ground there's no like kinda cool five percent rate of return there's you're gonna make ten or twelve over the long haul in the stock market or you're gonna make one in a certificate of depreciation and so on park in at a farm you i'm not going to take the risk you worked too hard to that money to have this have the uh the volatility the stock market eat it at about the time eight some of it i mean i don't think he might not at doubt very seriously you'd lose more than ten percent the money okay but i doubt very seriously you'd make more than ten percent on your money if you put it in at this time last year you would have made nineteen percent on it by christmas but then but then january went in the hole and so i and i don't know what you know what i looked at.

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