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Back at some of the racing action from around the country this past weekend. Of course it was Brad Cox Day at the fairgrounds but It would not be Brad Cox Day at Santa Anita and part of that is because I don't think he was running anything there but stakes action going out at the great race place. It's still. It's still kind of bizarre knowing that. There's nobody in the crowds at any of these places but like when you watch on TV. It just seems like or shrinks and it looks like a race you know what Santa Anita where they're going down the stretch and Yada Yada Yada but the San Simeon stakes grade three on the grass and the return of bound for nowhere. We haven't seen since October at Belmont. Wesley Ward Rainman. Dyke you're wanting to two favorite citron who I mentioned has found success as a dirt. Sprinter trying out the the grass which starts on the dirt. Maybe that was part of the what we call the Tim. Riff o course because it kind of came about when when writ fo was empowered but You know started out as a turf sprinter and was good but was you know. I've mentioned this many times on the show but I think it's important. Remember with turf sprints. There's very few big grade. One races out there other than the Breeders Cup it a couple of big ones in New York. So you're bigger. Races are often grade. Threes or seventy five hundred thousand dollar steaks and so- sister on while he was competing at Grade Three Allowance. You know listed stakes. He's running against conquests who Nami Haskell law-abiding citizen stormy liberal. I mean good good top level turf sprinters so you know. He made the switch to dirt and he did it so well. He won the grade. Tacona Goldie missed in the triple banned by a whisker in a race that you thought he had and then he wins the great one bing crosby so he switches over to the grass and they hammered out of nowhere down to one to two and they leave sister on at almost nine to four forty one. Let's take a listen back to the last little bit of the San Simeon approaching the quarter pole surrender now just drifting out of touch bound for nowhere comes to challenge citron to behind them in third than King of speed Voodoo Song. Murad Khan and Sparky Ville. There's a furlong left to go and bound for up to take the lead Brown. Takes up the chase outside. Surrender now than sparky bill between horses far outside. Murad Khan has takes off on the outside of bound for an hour knows that knows photo-finish close sisteron and bound for nowhere third between Murad Khan king of speed and Sparky Bill. So sisteron gets the score over bound for nowhere rallies from just off the pace to to get the win surrender now broke so so sharp and bound for nowhere did not break very well star at squeezed a little bit but rushed up and you know he's not an he's not usually an on the lead type usually right off the start. Very well could have made the difference. I mean he got beat ahead but I start coming off a little bit of a layoff. I think there's room for forgiveness and I think there's reason to think he can move forward off that one. But assist Ron and Victor Espinoza with an ice win capping off thirteen thousand six hundred dollar early. Pick five the early four racist two through five paid five hundred twenty bucks so you got about twenty six twenty five twenty six times more for the pick five than you did the pick four and the horse that you needed to get twenty five times. More was a six to one fifth choice. The field of nine so not the again. The lower takeout the extra multiplier the harder degree of difficulty the payouts on the pick five can just be awesome it and it was kind of one of those pick fives where there wasn't any huge upsets but you just kind of kept beaten favorites with horses. That were not necessarily like the first choice. It was kind of a wide open race a five the two morning line favorite and after the horse that won the fifth choice it went from six to one to twelve one thousand nine hundred one so. I'm sure not. Everybody had that horse but one that you could could see folks having the second leg you get a five to one but it's a five horsfield. You not only beat the big favourite three to five all live your Oliver Viera Oliver. You also beat the two one second choice Dr Door so yes to five to one. I think that five to one played really really big and the pick five again third ratio nine one shot in a small field fifth choice out of six with a pretty low price. Six to five favorites. So those two upsets played huge. Because the fourth leg you gotta three to one third choice but a logical include. I think or at least a horse. I'm sure play people had and then yes. You beat the big favourite on the end. I think it was paying. I think it was paying three grand bound for nowhere for the pick five so a lot of people obviously Took a stand there but again. No crazy upsets just horses that we're not easy to have in legs than I think. A lot of people went narrow. And you get back thirteen thousand bucks in the Saint Louis Ray. I thought it was going to be kind of Chaki two-horse Race Well Work Jerry and Oscar to me as ran. I third as coming out of Dell power after the big long shot. Second last time finished second again. Oscar Dominguez was some traffic trouble. I think not helping his cause he probably was the second best horse in that race but foreign full finish to that one and then data Gulfstream Park. It was pocket. Oh Saturday Paco. Had seven winners. When the Ortiz brother is our way Palko will play huge huge day for him and then in kind of fashion got taken down for you know drifting on a couple of guys on on Sunday so you know Paco Giveth and taketh away. Every one of the cool things about being at Monmouth last summer was working with Brad. Thomas and I used to love to listen to him talk about the jockeys and he would often talk about you know Paco Lopez. Some of the good decisions he makes during a race and how much he'll give you down the stretch. When he's in contention. One of those winners was on strike magic mechanic. Who Will Talk to mark tomorrow? So looking forward to catching up with him. But the fifth race on the CARD SORRY STAKES. Later on it was the fifth race was Senator. Got My notes backwards. The nitrates the melody of colors and hear my prayer compensate. I I kind of said these five furlong races at GP. I just think that you WANNA be close up and not be too wide etc etc and then sure enough the to that on my optics plot who were the front runners Weren't necessarily first and second early but they were first and third and finished first and second way way clear of everybody else. That was one of those ones that was like. Oh that looks like it. It made sense but it was here my prayer for David Fisher scoring and that one and then the Texas glitter it was Cajun cazenove and begin to ask us for Michael Pinot coming from off the pace catching arm and Joe. Who was the loose leader for Georgina? Baxter in midstretch was two and a half in front but just got nailed right on the money to take home the Texas glitter and then Taco won the twelfth and final for lunch. Which was it. I thought it was luke. I guess it was somebody else. Very SIMILAR SILKS. Lucia's strange but National honor pocketing the final. Jump to win five races on this Saturday at Gulfstream so and handle at Gulfstream for the Saturday. Eleven million of doing just under a million dollars race when they were kind of the third fiddle in terms of Big Days big races etc. So it's going to be interesting to watch. How handle is you know again racing? Yes it's kind of the only game in town right now but also be you know. I'm just unsure how many people are firing away with all the uncertainty in everything going on but I'm sure there I mean there's clearly play people who are are still playing if we're still handling tens of millions of dollars on these weekend cards but so again Marquette GonNa join us tomorrow supposed to be joined by track. General Manager on Wednesday told him if he can't I understand but we'll we'll try to get that done and look forward to the rest of the week being with you guys here like I said as long as they'll let me keep doing it We'll see you guys back tomorrow. Hope everybody's have doing okay. I know this is not an easy time for everybody I know. I found myself with varied emotions from great to sad too scared to you know. Thank for C. And everything in between so I always put my email address out on the show. Jason Charles Beam itchy mill dot com if anyone needs to email Whether it's horse racing related you know just needs to prevent or whatever you know how to get a hold of me trying to get back to everybody within a day or so but appreciate everybody tuning in. I mean we had you know I was. Kinda curious what the I didn't know that if everyone because a lot of our listeners. Listen in their car and so I know people and working from home so I kind of figured we'd have dip in our downloads and it was kind of the same as the week before which was very good so I appreciate everybody's still sticking with us in the happy to be providing content for everyone and look forward to talk with you guys tomorrow. Everybody have a good rest of your Monday..

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