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Egg work. I so an opportunity for people who are getting interested in football to maybe really follow a career from its beginning and everything. I've seen sports commentary today. Chris says jones looked good but the loss was ugly and they did lose. Yeah they did lose. I wanna stay on jones just because it's pretty rare for a rookie quarterback to to look that good in their debut and one of the things that that you usually do with a rookie quarterback. Is joe pressure them you'll blitz. Basically so he was great against the blitz with extra guys rushing him. He was able to make the right throws and stick in the pocket and read the defense well but they had eight penalties for eighty four yards. That's more than double what they average last year per game. They had four. Fumbles one that completely cost them the game. They were driving like three minutes. Left to play had the ball deep in the well in field goal range and they just basically let it slip through their fingers so a sloppy way to lose the game especially when you rookie quarterback does so and yet you sound kind of happy. Yeah i think you've got some new guys on this team. The defense look good. They gave up a pretty easy. I drive but then they really knuckled down. They only give six points in the entire second. Half you had nelson laura. I mentioned you've got to new tight ends. That looked pretty good and remember. The patriots spent more than any other team in the league in free agency this year which is so unlike the patriots. But again i think the addition to the roster plus mack jones showing like. He can do what they need to do to be successful. I think they're gonna do all right. And i'm not the only one excited you got hear bill belichick raving about his new rookie quarterback thought we all competed. Are we just all to do a better job. I mean competed her with a lot of guys. Compete or got to perform excitement. Always give us these. These cuts from bill. Bella check where you'd think he just woke up from a nap. He so subdued all right so we have a little bit of time left chris and one of the things that has been a particular joy of mine over the years. Is you making predictions that you then have to walk back but then turn out more right but then you have to walk them back again. But then maybe you're right. So what are you gonna call at the beginning of the season here all right. So i think it's important to remember. We've never seen a rookie quarterback even make the super bowl never mind so we have to rein in our expectations a little bit. I think this is a playoff team. I think they sneak into the playoffs. And then if you do that maybe you went around or to who knows from there. I'd like to see them make the playoffs. Ideally win one round in the playoffs to really kind of plant. Some foundation for mac jones growth. And you got to clean it up. You gotta have penalties less turnovers and also the big thing. I'm gonna be watching for week. Four brady comes back to tau. Oh fans gonna react. We're going to say we are so going to watch all right. That's radio boston's chris sitter at chris. Thanks thanks. I got chills thinking about that one all right. That is our show for today. Folks radio boston is produced by jamie bologna. Chris citric walter. Wolfman amanda beland. Cynthia bet you visa marquees..

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