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That movie. Love that movie. What's not to love love? And you're and you're very fond of John. Wayne I understand. John Wayne's my favorite person who moves in the movies removed beautifully. He moved beautifully. Yeah I I love How slow he moves? That was always the thing that I just. I just like. He takes his time. The takes his time. Is this scene at Honda. Where he's talking to Geraldine page while he's making horseshoes? Oh yeah you know. He's firing up. Poor shoes offering awesome cool off and it's it's more than just a bit of business right. It's a it's a major bit of choreography right. He never stops talking ray. But he's he's it's movement this choreography. It's quicker famous put there's also Languid witness to him and he has the thing that I think movies can do which I don't know if he's handsome or not. It goes beyond on that. He's he has a Gra- There's gravity in a presence and a feeling and You know would say it's the thing that with movies were actors can become their own cinema themselves they can dictate the terms of it and in He had that I just. I think I'm also because I'm always interested in In in movement an and I think it's probably has to do with my background in dance. Just you know him anywhere in a movie. Yeah it's not you could could wear a mask and you'd be like no no that one is indeed now. John Ford Work John Wayne very often. They worked beautifully together together. So are you destined to work with Ronin a span of time or not. I don't know I ever ever play Irish in her entire career. Just one just just in Brooklyn No She no she and I have actually talked about the fact like You know I love her and I. She's my film making partner and I. I'm so indebted to her. Earn her talent in terms of what I am able to do as a filmmaker And we've explicitly talked about. She's like I know one day we'll have to make a movie movie apart and I was like. I don't like it when you were making movies. I I'm jealous. I am a jealous person. No but I I feel that way about all my actors but hurl in particular. It's it's sort of embarrassing to admit but like I have to. There's an overcome for me. I want them to do everything and I want them to be successful but part of me is sad that they ever have to act for anyone else but it's true you have a connection and something special now. How funny is it? Of course that Timothy Shallow may would go couple of weeks. You know I I know I know I know they I know that and also actually then Wes Anderson put both of them in his next Gabby eh which is really which is really great but yeah no? It's going to be well. We'll see we'll get there. I hope I get to make movies movies with her over the course of our lives like. I hope we get to do a thing like when we're in when I'm in my eighties and she's whatever however old she'll be I don't sixty how old she is Then we'll make some and they'll they'll they'll be like those old ladies they keep they keep that date the yeah and also whatever whatever I said. some ladies doing some some stuff. I'm telling yeah. Twenty twenty one oscars was registered with the writers. That's going to be like twenty whatever. Twenty Unease Fifty Oscars. Okay all right twenty fifty. How old will I be an old? You'll be forever young because you are in touch with your younger self. And that's that's what we'll keep you useful Yeah that and maybe the baby may be we got that is I had read someone. Said something. Similar to herald is like the indy dream. Baby Oh really Oh oh you together. Yeah he's making a tiny indie baby. it's Joe Swan about that. I just have kids to put them in your movies. Oh yeah that's true but it's a good idea you know. Oh Film. Was He what he came with his son. His son was in the film. And all anybody at Sundance all anybody cared about was his son. My son who's like Oh lovely little herald. I know actually probably he won't want anything to do with movies. I I the this. You guys joined the Peace Corps. I love math and football. Who are you a new? I mean maybe you never know Eh joke. That's what's going to happen to me. Ended with a kid who loves math and football and not know what say yep well we're about to get the hook okay attorney more than you wail pulled out. Greta thank you so much for being with us to really and we haven't said it's not doc. Needless to say it's needful to say congratulations on your film. Earning six academy award nominations including best picture up upcoming your second time. Achieving that writers guild the directors guild on Lady Bird. Yes no it's very. Yeah no and I was very I mean I mean I'm I'm so I'm so honored and I'm so excited and so he says you know for my actors there's two and Florence is just a florist. She's on top of thing now. It's while I know wonderful baby baby. A B superstar. I'm very proud of them. And I'm very happy for them and I spent actually yesterday social was in Santa Monica put. The baby in the car is like Santa. Monica got a hugger London than I saw. I saw Laura Dern who humans movie yeah and Shit was her than Florina is just like how amazing housing your workout recognized. Yeah so that's very nice so anyway. Congratulations Yeah you don't. I didn't even think about that. You that you and your partner are doing this together right now with your own. If each tried to up Laura dern having which which I get yeah buddy that she has so the best yeah why would. Why wouldn't you want lately? Why wouldn't you WANNA work with sir? Sha Forever who wouldn't in one have Laura dern forever what are the greatest actresses we have yup and also just and human beings yes social media. No I have nothing. uh-huh that's okay. You're you're far from nothing and that's fine. We just like to ask. No I have no. It's like they don't exist. You just have to follow her movies. I just wander around in a body. That's all I. That's my little diaries. And just start like sending the mountain snail mail. That's Gerwig there's only one and we're so glad that you are with us today. There's only one there's tigger you're the only one Jesse. We're the people find us at Leonard Maltin than I am at Jesse Multon on twitter and instagram and you can go to Leonard Maltin DOT COM for movie reviews book roundups and all kinds of good stuff all true through when also where I'm Patriot. We go to Molson Patriarch. Dot Com patriarch dot com slash. Maltin on movies. 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