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By through relaxed dog. Thank you for listening. I am your host Robert Oba and I hope that you and your dog Well. Our guest in episode twenty one this week is Katrina Marian all away from a remote farm somewhere in Queens outback Queensland. Angie is going to be sharing a bit about her dog. Fergus. But. I onto some doggy news. And a gentleman by the name of Rudy Armstrong who is an eighty six year old navy veteran was living in on he's houseboat. With his. A BOO BOO in. North Carolina in the US and unfortunately rudy didn't know it but he was sitting on the deck one Diane suffered a stroke. I. Couldn't really help himself. BOOBOO jumped into action ran down the dock. And got someone I think it was the dock masta. Got A retention. Tim To follow him back and. Needless to say the duck master call for the paramedics and Rudy is now recovering. Well, thanks to boo. The next autumn of doggy news is. Interesting spin on a bit of marketing. A company by the name of Bush has created a dog brew, which is apparently sold in a be like and. it doesn't have any alcohol or hopes in which we know is not the best for dogs but it is full of vegetables, herbs, spices, water, and pork broth, and You can only get one law, and then apparently they sold out of the first run so you can crack a cold one. You will best friend. Last little bit of news is just a bit of a a warning. In Place called Royle in wiles. Overexcited Young Dog. On the beach chased off the some seagulls, the seagulls flew out to sea and the unidentified doggy. Kept swimming after them. The life boat crew. Were alerted and they caught up with the pop about half a mile from the shore rescued doggie and Doggie ONA. going. Well, but I think he's going to be let off a choice in the seagulls too much anymore. On would now with the welcome the relax. And it is more play. Welcome to the relaxed dog, and it is my pleasure to introduce Katrina and we're going to be talking about her dog fergus. So as usual I ask everyone to take us back to just before you got fergus and tell us how you guys got connected..

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