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It takes time to build that show because now they have a Tommy is there now to two hours there and they have a real. A lot of Japanese guys when they didn't before. You know before it was just kind of like Funaki you're throwing salts. Right. How about what do you think of a Joe engage OBE being the bookers of new Japan? I never expect it right. It's so funny. Yeah. Good. You know here we are here here. We are in Japan. Yeah. Were all be working the Tokyo dome and Gaito is the Booker Don calluses the interviewer? Yeah, you know. Against from Winnipeg. Last question. Who who's your who's your favorite mass that you ever had? I think me bers against in in Sturgis. No, no stockade. Yes, I think so. Yeah, people forget how good of a of a worker dean was so smooth. Yeah, you know? Yeah. Very good ideas. Yeah, you know. Yeah, he's very, very, very, very smart. And Japan is with you. Yoga yoga's. Smarting Zumra for sure that's much. Do you remember that makes city in there is a negative saw. Yeah. You guys had so many great spots. Yeah, so fast exchange, my style, my Heathrow, yeah. Do you remember? We worked? Yes, the sumo arena show, but there was another we worked so many is one of my favorites was we were in the main event of a town. I can't remember. But for the junior heavyweight guys to be in the main event above ten rue was visit was a big deal guessing. So do you remember sushi sometimes they would do this? Yeah. I don't know. Maybe ten wanted to leave early or something. I'm not sure. For they could trust us to put on a good show and in and be good, you know? Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Are you going to continue to wrestle for a long time. I don't know. Maybe if you are retire, I go to retire. You just had your thirtieth anniversary. Yeah. How did that go? Good. Yeah. I I did a video for you. Yeah, good. Thank you. Thank you very much. Let's.

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