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This should be the highlight of your week this is the Jodi Mack so here's the mac the start of the year real season a gave the post season in the National Football League Jodi Mack you would be on CBS sports radio eight telephone lines I ask this question at the top of the show it bears repeating prior to the start of tonight's game between the patriots and the tax and add that the Titans a lot of media folks this week were speculating and I I mean speculating loud long dead this could very well be and it all comes down to the way you stated in how you stated all Tom Brady's last standard fox borrow I don't buy it I disagree with my media bread or in I wanted to see if it was just a media generated thing or fan truly believe it or not so I put it out there on Twitter I would give me a percentage chance this is Tom Brady's last game in a patriot uniform thanks to the hundred and change people it did respond to my text query hide they said very low numbers very very very low numbers hi that's tonight's game we've got be game on right now between the bills and the Texans what they do they just started the clock in spite the football okay Texans add the the ball late after turning the bills over on downs couldn't get a first down went for it on fourth down came up short buffalo got the ball back a minute and change to play no time outs lacked they marched down the field in two Texans territory on a third down a group completed a pass do I think it would be easily who dole for the fridge down the clock was running the Texans the bills are trying to run their field goal unit on to the field to get the bill go just in case they decided against it because the referee stopped the clock for a measurement then they went for it on first down they marked it as a first down which I thought was an awful I mean full marking buffalo is gotten some serious breaks with the refereeing in this game they give them the first down and looked at me like Disney was down and he was tied to a full yard not afford not inches all full yards short of a first down but they gave buffalo the marking and as so they got it would force down they got the ball back they have no timeouts left there is showing the field goal would twenty seconds to play if they get caught in the field of play the game is over they lose if not they could be attempting a thirty some odd yard field goal until I pass on second down well out of bounds down the sidelines it's now third and ten maybe they only want to take one job maybe then go for it again I give your McDermott credit here he is stone cold going forty is trying to win it with a touchdown rather than tie in send it to overtime with a field goal I thought that was a bit of a risky play there if there is a bad snap if there is a fumble a lot of things can go wrong in a clock could run out for you he went for it on second down he's going forward again on third down with no timeouts left in fifteen seconds to play Allen's gonna throw it into the end zone is gonna throw it out of the back to you all right so it's going to come down to a how she could feel goal from about forty some odd yards so I forget what the ball was snapped on the last flight twenty nine so about a forty seven yard field goal attempt from Steven Hauschka if he makes it we will still have a couple of seconds left the bills are going to have to kick off this ten seconds on the clock you about four five seconds on a field goal attempt but they will be four five seconds left after this every misses it the game is over and the Texans add one time out laughing yes bill o'brien has officially icepick taker there is an art to that and I will give bill o'brien about a C. plus you and this is just an opinion I days I've not done any scientific research on is or crunch Danny numbers I don't even know that the numbers are stored on is this is just my own recollection when you wait till the players are already lined up in the center is all with the ball and the holder has looked at that's when you want to call a time out you wanna actually let the ball be scrapped and the field goal kicker get off the field goal after the time out is being called that was not the case they called it pretty early Stephen house go from forty nine yards dead middle of the field pretty much dead middle between the upright see hits from forty nine five seconds left to play so not a bad start to the two thousand and twenty playoffs our first game I shouldn't say this because he could run it back for a touchdown here but very much looks like it's heading into overtime the bill jumped out to a sixteen nothing lead the dachshund rally nineteen already entered points certainly had a chance to win the game all they needed was a first down with under two minutes to play they took all four downs to get it and they still could not convert including a ditch.

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