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We're having a good weekend. We should have. We should have some happy overeating spurt phase in here. Some big victories yesterday. So i don't know if the lions will make it a clean sweep probably nots. If you've ever watched the lions if you know anything about the history of the detroit lions. We don't win a lot of football games. But that's okay that's okay. That's why we come together today before lines games in order to encourage one another so we're not just standing there just you know just depressed in In as we go throughout the rest of our day. I don't know if you guys noticed but the balls in the air isn't it. I think it's supposed to be eighty today. And i was looking at the weather as i was getting off the plane yesterday. And i think Wednesday supposed be like fifty nine or something. And so i think fall is officially here is so it's going to be getting chilly it so we're going to have to start getting those soups go in. We should probably have like a potluck soon right where we could do a chili cook off if we ever done a chili cook off here. Well you haven't done in a two and a half years. I've been here. So i'm just saying like a chili cook off. I could go for chili. Some just saying so let. Let's open our bibles this morning as we continue on and our series of second peter. We're going to be a second. Peter chapter two second peter. I'm sorry yeah chapter two. We're gonna get started at the beginning of this chapter if you remember The last couple of weeks as we started to go throughout the second. Peter in the series of sermons and we looked at the inspiration of god..

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