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Yes, welcome back everybody free talk live. The live Monday night edition I am your host, the Reverend, Captain Kick Ass, and in the studio with tonight, it's it's in and we have been talking about Tech Titan John McAfee or even John McAfee depending on your preferred Pronunciation Protocol In, did we haven't talked about him? He is looking at what appears to be. Thirty years in boys we'll get we'll get to that in just a minute. You've heard US talk about divvy here on Free Talk Live, and maybe you've wanted to set up one of their easy to deploy master nodes or even steak divvy so that you can begin earning right now ian says setting up a debbie master node was super easy and staking was even easier. We're not investment advisers here on Free Talk Live, but we think you will be impressed with your earning potential with divvy as compared to traditional investment vehicles go to divvy project dot org that's D. I v. i.. Dot Org and get started. You can buy divvy at several exchanges or directly from the divvy team need help. There's a link to their telegram channel right on the front page at Divvy Project Dot Org again, d., I V. I. Project Dot Org. We'll get to those numbers in just a minute but let's get to Larry in Indiana Larry you're on Free Talk Live That guy he's seventy years old right I think he's all older than that. Used to sleeping in his own bed. You can get up and go to the bathroom anytime at night he wants to go. That's GonNa be real hard on him seventy five years old. All. Man That's that's even harder. Yeah. We're all you get the more problems have you should be sleeping in the jail the. K.. Who got greedy stalls those water well, now hold on a second Larry, greedy. Wait the the greedy people here are the US federal government agents there. The greedy people they're the ones who think they are owed something simply because they exist you know they didn't help him make any of his money didn't. Provide any financial stability. They didn't provide any resources. They didn't market for him or anything like that. They had zero to deal with any of the money he made. Why do you believe they should get a cut of his money? Well personals station did you make when you operate in a certain under a certain amount rules? You know what's going to happen to you when you when you do wrong so. Why are you saying it's doing wrong. It's not doing wrong. Maybe you should have a lower profile. A good argument for that they're women over they keep a low profile. You worry about all that stuff and just simplify your life because you know you get to keep the lights on but in any case. I call her by President Donald Trump. What he used on Democrats, he uses the techniques call setting on the ball right now he was tired from. Campaign you agree with me I mean it is brutal to do a campaign like that without ever having gone through it. Myself having observed others I. Remember Reading the Harry Brown campaign where he talked about it was just wall to wall. You know you're booked solid with interviews and appearances. And the energy out understand is edgy because. Tightened. So what happened is, is he rather than the give the ball up, you set on the ball that's what he's done. He said on the ball and then he's got cold it, and now he comes back out as a renewed. He's going to have a lot of trash to talk about Cova Coleman. The calmer virus and people are gonNA take eat that there. You know I was in the store today guys I'm sick of wine a day mass. NASTIEST unsanitary top and. Well I have to a certain extent. They got people watching you now but what happens slams if they're watching you? Ten thousand dollars. Fine there in Indiana. That's a thousand dollars. What happens if you don't pay it On Your property tax, you have property there. You have. Studio sucks. About it is is that People are tired real time. And when? I hope you're right about that. But so far the amount of pushbacks next two zero what do you think is going to be you know when are they going to finally get fed up and do something? When they tell you gotTa, Keep Your Mask on at all times and even when you're on the open-air. Told you. Guys I was GONNA. I try to get my nephew to go with me but he's checking in his biltrite. Second assigned names, public health director, and in town names a couple of other organizations that are like the overly and a couple other people happy as superintendent and a couple of other people that I name, and I'm accusing the mass murderers and I have committing crimes against the magic. But I'm killing two birds with one stone because these people are color right? And I'm GonNa accused them then Of A quack assume. Ethic plenty against home. People. The race issue and I'm going to deal with the Kobe shoe because I think it's Than that Donald Trump is gonNA come out strong on that. But I'M GONNA be born in the mall and really having a joy stab. You know there's no good. If you're not doing if you're not having a good time, you're doing something wrong Larry I love it. I love the ball I had a thought what Dr Goal Hard I love born you're out on the streets with a bullhorn I down A. while. Dude is there video of you going out bullhorn? I. Love that. You know I gotta get that do chancellor everything. Is there like you gotta bring some young guy or whatever some kid give with a video camera come out with you and get video of doing that put it online. I told them that they just you know they all have to act like they know me you know that's a good point. You could just randomly he could randomly be around the video camera while this crazy guy. Yeah that's a great point. I would have my uniform him there before you get there just having like hanging around the area before you arrive, and then you know he can just whip out the camera when you get that. Happy. Tonight but you really smart.

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