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Would see being turned off as an impedance to its goal whatever its goal may be and prevent us from turning it off perhaps they would realize that if we suspected the A. I had gained super intelligent we would want to turn it off and so it played dumb and keep his new increased intelligence out of our awareness Intel is taking steps to keep us from turning it off or perhaps we could turn it off but we would find we didn't have the will to do that maybe it would make itself so globally pervasive in our lives that we would feel like we couldn't afford to turn it off Sebastian far corner from Oxford university points out that we already have a pretty bad track record at turning things off even when we know they're not good for us one example of that might be global warming so we all kind of know that carbon dioxide emissions are creating a big problem but we also know that burning fossil fuels and the cheap energy that we get out of it it's also really useful right it gives us cheap consumer goods it creates employment it's very attractive and so often once we know that something's going to be harmful for us but we also know that it's really nice it becomes politically very challenging to to actually make an active decision to turn things off maybe it would be adept enough at manipulating us that.

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