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Okay so hours before he was gonna make the the announcement to to the uh alderman american voice the first public opposition to the plan from o'hare's airline carriers american airlines is excited about seeing o'hare transformed into an airport that sets the global standard in airline passenger experience in efficient operation and after eighteen months of multilateral transparency go she asians we were looking forward to supporting the new lease said leslie scott the airline senior manager of global communications but american cannot sign the lease in its current form because of a secret prevision who inserted at the last minute awarding additional gates to united yet just put that in there it will have probably won't read the whole thing the turns out they did it's unclear whether the city would move forward with a new lease agreement if american refuses to sign on in december emanuel and all their in passed an ordinance setting higher airport fees and charges for airlines if the current 35year lease where to expiry may without a new one in place the move was made to provide an incentive for the airlines to reach an agreement on a new lease to avoid paying even higher fees than a new lease would contemplate all right well i'm sure they'll get it worked out yeah for sure kudos to absorb i'm sure they have lawyers somebody read through that stuff all the way right yeah yeah hey was this thing it here before about this is that the extra gates for united i don't recall her yeah that's right here we've got our gwee recall somebody right here in page one hundred and five yeah i know i know i i guess it's good i don't i mean i don't know they say the airlines of pain for i feel is can make it a real hassle to go to the damning report it doesn't mean it's already pretty much of a hassle discos you gotta get halfnaked i am get through to the other side but but with all the construction and everything man a nightmare yeah well whatever blood may be in the longterm than it ends up in super awesome yeah aaand fifty minutes from now i like o'hare i everybody has though airport my like it i.

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