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Thank you, though. Oh, you're just beautiful. Oh, I'm complimenting. Well, okay. This is fun. I really just wanted to have like a women of Brewster place feel to the show. You know, just a black women just talking about life and then Brian and Andy can you know chime in. Or take notes, whichever you prefer. You can't be up in here. You didn't tell me you gonna eat the damn Coke bottles the whole show. Okay, now Brian, Lacey IO, we will be answering questions, okay? Couples therapy listeners have sent us videos virus videos. We said on the show that you could send them an anonymously, which means you filmed something else or a number of people enterprising ordered cameos. Yes. From different comedians that we might know. Wow. Yeah, so it's fun in a way it's like having extra guests, you know, when you see these cameos, but people are going to be coming to us with their lives, you know? They're going to be coming to us, broke down and busted. Wow. I'm the same, so. Sure. All there. I can relate for surgical reasons. Yeah, absolutely. At a very weird bad massage that sent me spiraling this morning. What happened? It made me realize that a lot of problems in my life are happening because I'm too nice and I'm too polite and I'm letting it ruin my life. I called my assistant right after I called my mom first and cried a bunch. And then I called my assistant and canceled a bunch of stuff on my schedule. But not this because I love you guys. That is the word. What happened was I came in like I was running a little late and I come in. The guy is like, oh, you can still have the full time. And my friend had paid for this massage because I had the week from hell. Yay racism. Well, you're now a civil rights icon. You didn't plan it. But what was not like a good part of the king was being like earth like articulate, I was like, the fuck out.

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