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Zero five point nine FM the WBZ AccuWeather forecast early this morning gradual clearing and brisk a low of twenty three later today. Mostly sunny, a high of thirty ninety average high for today is only thirty one tonight clear with a low of twenty eight tomorrow, mostly sunny with a milder afternoon, a high of forty five it's twenty six at O'Hare twenty-five and Joaquin and. Twenty eight along the lakefront WBZ news time one twenty. Our top story this hour bills are piling up for furloughed workers while trash is piling up in national parks. Both are consequences of a partial government shutdown nearly two weeks old while much more under story coming up at one thirty one to burglaries hit three clothing stores in the loop. Chicago police say all the burglaries occurred on early mornings within the past month starting in early December with the most recent on New Year's day, two burglars broke into stores through the revolving door in the one hundred block of south State Street. The first took arms full of clothing, the second followed up taking more items after the first burglar took off no suspects in custody. Felicia middlebrooks, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. A training program aims to give McHenry county businesses. A new pool of candidates for manufacturing jobs. WBZ BBN's. Nancy hardy reports the target audience for the manufacturing pre apprenticeship program. This spring will be at. Risk young adults and people who've been in prison mckenry workforce network director, Julie Courtney says there's no promise of a job at the end of the program. But the skills taught during those six weeks should put those who go through it in a good position. Especially when unemployment in the county is at less than three percent. Try not to say that there's any guarantees, but they will have the essential skills in marketable skills to be employable in McHenry county as well as the local Chicagoland region after learning manufacturing skills. The students will go onto an internship or apprenticeship a grant from the state is making the program possible. Antsy hardy News Radio one zero five point nine FM. The new King County sheriff is locked up on purpose to get a better understanding of some of the complaints by prison inmates about food and the temperatures in the cells Shariff Hain yesterday evening began spending time behind bars wearing what immates where an eating what they eat sheriff Haynes says, quote, if I can live by it as a baseline than they should be able to if I find it to be disgusting and inhumane will make the appropriate changes. Cook County is auditing parking agreements going back years to see if owners of lots and residential areas. Oh million in back taxes. WBF's Nancy hearty reports. At issue is whether parking lot owners are biding by county rules that require agreements be spelled out in leases in high traffic areas in order to get tax credits. An attorney for the Chicago parking association tells the Tribune it's unfair to hold owners responsible for something. They thought they were in compliance with and have never been told. Otherwise spokesman for county board president. Toni preckwinkle says they may waive penalties. If owners made a genuine attempt to pay the taxes, but owners should have known their obligation and paid them anti hardy NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM. A settlement has been reached involving the friend of a local American idol star. The daily herald reports an attorney issued a statement yesterday that a confidential settlement was agreed upon by wheeling resident Alan chisel off and the lamp lighter in tavern and grille regarding a fight that occurred at the downtown Palatine stablishment in July two thousand seventeen she's loft described as a friend of singer Haley Reinhart who was a finalist on season. Ten of American idol was that the Palatine bar with five women, including his girlfriend and Reinhard. When the brawl occurred coming up, Bloomberg business WBZ news time one twenty four. This is Bill. Finally, got me Bill. What's that? Rick Clark street. Crater the mother of all potholes. Yeah. Year after rim wrecking year. It's tormented the people of this town they tried to fill it. But it always returns Comey could stay farms. Got you to you, you ain't nothing trash talking to bottle. Yes. Yes. I am go with a win. That's here to help life go, right? State farm. Talk to an agent.

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