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Oh okay so then why would you prefer that the rockets face the cavs so if they only have the bra and then boston and they have a lot of young players that you know they played good defense but we won't have a chance dot chris paul definite gosh i really hope that's not the case it would it would it would stink for him personally reich is here he is on the verge of a career achievement and it's been thirteen years in the league and he's never had this opportunity before he's never even come this close to have it go down in toy well i don't think it's torn but a tweet tammy or a strain hammy woods just stink but then on the team on the team scope you're right i don't know that i mean it's not just about the firepower it's about the leadership and the toughness and the ball handling he's been so good the last two games i agree with you they've already got a really short rotation so you take one guy out and you're talking about five players five maybe thirteen minutes from gerald green but man that's a lot to ask here but he put up he did a good game today what three oh he does well when he's out there i've been impressed with his intensity he's a veteran guy who brings that defense when he's on the court and yes he said a couple of timely shots but my point is he's only playing say thirteen to sixteen minutes so the whole point of not having chris paul who's out there playing almost forty minutes or so is that your your then having to rely a lot more on the other guys and they've already gone really short yeah harry going to step up in chris paul absence is asking a lot sean james with handle the ball dribble it down from twenty four seconds to six seconds all play all that ice so ball i love milwaukee but i hate when they played ice balls annoying it's boring game was a lot of ice so ball room for my boss my boss in houston and open they'll put out so we'll have to champions in one year that would be fun that'd be amazing but also fun for the city of houston for sure can i ask you a question.

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