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Clinton what did you think of ambi and they came out with their not only they surpassed the twenty eight core they went to thirty two and then they went from there fourteen nanometer died two seven nanometer yeah i'm really rooting for md and i think with their latest stuff with the thread ripper and their new wrath ripper air cooler for the thread ripper a love the naming but the problem with that amd's facing i think is that they just now this may be i'll have to look at the benchmarks of these they may finally be catching up for some reason they've been a it's been a little hard for them to make chips that are as good as the intel chips and for longtime i loved amd and i was grateful amd because without amd intel would be even worse than it is but in the last couple of years intel really has gone downhill they have not been able to innovate and it's given amd time to kind of catch up so these new amd processors are i think at least on paper fairly impressive that the they have a thirty two core thread ripper but remember one of the things to keep in mind you're obviously enthusiasts the number of cores isn't necessarily mean it's it's a much faster processor the cores benefit you if you do something that will you use more than one core but most of what you do right only uses one court at time right and that's my final last question i'm going to be putting together a quote unquote workstation i do i'm not really interested in gaming more as far as like a rendering and three d modeling and so forth that's where you'd be benefiting right multi cores you know i bought i bought the ten core i mac pro and it doesn't feel any in any way faster but i can keep a lot of processes running at once and when i'm doing things like three d rendering that do take a lot of time it is fast right though you know i recently three d rendered a go pro video it still took many hours just fewer hours single or quad core or dual core processor.

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