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Street, about the artist and activist community of Oakland, California and later we'll talk about the Jefferson County grand jury, indicting one of three officers involved in the killing of Briana Taylor. But not for killing Briana Taylor. The marshal projects Joe Miles large, who has been following the case from the beginning will join us. We'll get to all of it. I'm Alison Stewart and I'll meet you on the other side of the news. Live from NPR news. I'm nor Rahm President Trump says he's made up his mind on who will nominate to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. NPR's Aisha Roscoe. Reports and announcement is expected Saturday. President Trump says he did not meet with federal Judge Barbara Lagoa during his trip to Florida this week. Llego, a Miami native has been one of the top candidates for the position. Ah, source of knowledge of the process, told NPR that Republicans expect Trump to pick his other top choice, Judge Amy Cockney, Barrett. Trump would not confirm that look there. Oh, great. It could be any one of them could be actually anyone of the list their outstanding but I'll be announcing tomorrow, has been pressing for the Senate to move quickly ahead with considering his nominee. He wants a vote before the November election. Aisha Roscoe. NPR NEWS, Massachusetts Attorney General Mara Healey announced Friday the first criminal charges in the nation linked to Cove in 19 deaths in a long term care facility. Remember Station GBH reporter Maryland share reports at least 76 veterans in the facility died. The criminal indictments are against two top administrators of the Holyoke soldiers home. Healy says. The months long investigation looked at whether the actions of former Superintendent Bennett Walsh and former medical director Dr David Clinton amounted to abuse and reckless disregard for life were alleging that Walsh and Clinton were ultimately responsible for a decision. On March 27th that led to tragic and deadly results. That decision, Healy says, was the consolidation of two dementia units that exposed residents to the Corona virus. In a statement, Walsh's attorney denies any criminal wrongdoing for NPR news. I'm Marilyn Shera in Boston, a federal appeals court has sided with the House and its lawsuit. Challenging the Trump Administration for transferring money earmarked for the Pentagon to build a border wall. NPR's Ryan Lucas, reports ruling reverses the lower court's decision to dismiss the lawsuit brought by House Democrats. Suit challenges President Trump's transfer of funds from the Defense Department and counter drug activities to instead help build a wall along the southern border. The House argues that transferring the funds violates the appropriations clause of the Constitution, which gives Congress power of the purse. The appeals court concludes that the administration's attempt to divert the funds to the wall was illegal and its opinion. The panel says the ironclad constitutional rule is that the executive branch cannot spend until both the House and Senate say so. Ruling returns the case back to the lower court for further proceedings. Ryan Lucas NPR NEWS Washington, a federal judge ruled Friday the director of the Bureau of Land Management is serving unlawfully. William Perry Pendley has been the acting director for more than a year without being confirmed by the Senate. U. S. District Judge Brian Morris ruled that violates the Constitution. This is NPR news. Officials in Portland, Oregon, are preparing for protests this weekend groups demanding racial justice and the right wing group. The proud boys are both planning demonstrations. The governor has declared a state of emergency. A new inspector general's report says the State Department lied to Congress about why it rescinded an award to a Finnish journalist. Last year. The journalist was to be honored for exposing Russian disinformation. NPR's Michelle Kelemen reports. The story. The State Department told Congress about the finish reporter is that officials mistakenly notified her that she had won the International Woman of Courage Award. The inspector general finds that she did. But the offer was rescinded after the department learned that she had criticized President Trump in social Media posts. Emails show that officials were worried that she could embarrass the administration at a ceremony attended by first Lady Melania Trump Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, who asked the inspector general to look into this Says the report shows how fear and partisanship have permeated US diplomacy under the Trump administration. Michelle Kelemen NPR NEWS, the State Department A man attacked two people with a meat cleaver and a Paris street Friday. The attack happened in front of the office building where Islamic militants opened fire on employees of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo five years ago, killing 11 people. The French interior minister said. Today's attack is clearly an act of Islamic terrorism. The suspect is an 18 year old man from Pakistan who was not any watchlist. The two people who were stabbed are expected to recover. I'm Nora Rahm NPR news..

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