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Moody, Mike Bagley, Eric Morris, Jason Toy, Kyle, Ricky, Kurt Becker and Tim Cattle. Fam O on the pit lane and garage area. Kim Kun. And Pete Best Oni. William Byron is the race leader. He's led all seven laps to this point, a couple of big guns that started deep in the field. In fact, one started dead last Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott. Child to a backup car didn't even attempt to qualify. Chase made two attempts at qualifying Both times He was out there. We went under a red flag or a caution and the laps didn't count trying to get out there right at the very end of qualifying to get a lap in time expired. He started deep in the field, but they didn't stay there very long. Did not chase Elliott has worked his way from the back of the field up to 15th. That is a gain of 13 positions in the opening seven laps, but he is not the highest runner on the on the leaderboard as far as gaining positions, not by a long stretch. Well, you've got Kyle Busch, that is up. 21 Chase Elliott up. 13 Austin Dillon Having a good run, he's up 11. Alright When you're moving up the leaderboard, some must be free falling back through the field and they are and those drivers that are having a hard time right now are Daniel Suarez, who is now back in the garage area without apparent transmission issue. James Davison, the Australian driver that's running the Indy 500 A couple of times He's dropped 13 positions. Ryan Eversley, the sports car races down seven positions. Ryan Newman is also one of those drivers losing positions. Why don't we take a look at the leaderboard right now? Again? Working on lap.

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