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To create from that place and sorta treat business and all that like not so cold and just sort of do it with feeling with authenticity yeah and you really do in feeling authenticity is a whole new paradigm of not just business but then i would imagine abundance right another what we can return from creating from that point you know can be different not not so linear right in speak to that in your verbiage in a namesake and stuff you got a couple of projects i still wanna touch on the ambient installation series that was something you launched in two thousand seventeen yeah that was just a way for me a my music is infinite third as always sort of been like a chameleon i can play a lot of different styles of sets and different locations and one that i always enjoyed was when i would do like sort of background set at like an art gallery art opening or anything like that or it's just someone's party where i'm not like the main focus and i could just sort of play and practice improvise and it's all part of the show so one point i just decided to instead of waiting 'cause i you know a couple of times per year end up at these events that are like that but at some point i just decided why don't i just make the event so i chose a bunch of locations i think i ended up doing oh man some something like thirty in twenty seventeen or more in the saint pete area and i would just pick my favorite locations coffee shops and art galleries and restaurants and stuff like that and i asked him if i could come and just schedule a thing where i play for four hours and it's a open to the public and people can just come by and and hang out for the whole.

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