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The Chicago Tribune. This is wondering if our guests like here this time in the middle of the summer. Not yet. Tuesday. Talking to Brooklyn fired and Graham, they are it. Why don't even actually know which characters you are are you the leaves in nutcracker. I do heater which is the nutcracker himself, which is kind of fun. I save Marie from the evil mouse king in the battle scene, and we journey to the world's fair in the second act together. So it's a it's a really fun role to portray a lot of acting which is fun tons of dancing. So, you know, very happy with that. And we all too many different roles. I mean, the great thing about what it does is that they don't try to just burn someone out on one role for the twenty nine shows. I mean, that's just a lot. And so they there's different casts every night. I mean, we can go see two shows in the same year, and it'll feel it's the same story. Same choreography? But however, one interprets it is very different, and it's cool to see the differences. Sometimes. And having done this real before. Brooke? What do you bring like how do, you know gear up for something like this? When there's a different carnation of it. You know, when when you have to sort of bring Christopher's version of it to life. Well, Chris was I was there when it was made. So it's very helpful. 'cause crispy so much information and cues about our characters and background information. So I do a variety of roles throughout this run. I am like a mom in the party scene. And I am in the snow scene and visited the fair also a wild west woman, which is so each character each scene, you know, you have to take your different person. You know, you can't go through the whole to our show like like smile and sparkle it's like you really want to we all try to embody these different roles. You know, like, what does it mean to be this worker woman who's now like celebrating Christmas with her friends and family, and then in the snow seemed like, you know, you're something other world year snowflake has its own challenge. And delight it seems like I mean, obviously, it's very physically demanding the roles and being a dancer. So what do you do? I know you don't get. A lot of free time especially in December. But when you're not performing to kind of unwind and escape the physical demands of dancing. There's a lot of things that you can do. I mean, mostly just you know, breasting is tastes great salt bath, but just icing and making sure that you continue to do your physical therapy every day. It's it's a it's a constant work just to maintain your body, and your physique we take ballet class every day. And it's it's never done practicing. You never done working, and honing your skill and all of that just contributes to how you have to take care of yourself because it's really easy to kind of like burn out, and that that's not fun. And so I sing and going to see physical therapists getting massages also cross is really important to you know, going to the gym doing some yoga doing. Different things because you, you know, you wanna be as well rounded as possible because the dance world nowadays is has a lot of classical stuff. But we do a lot of very contemporary stuff in the spring. We do a hip hop piece. And so it's a lot of different styles of movement. And there's not one perfect way to do anything. And so having a well rounded like physique and body structure, really lends yourself to being able to do wide variety of things that law where are you from originally Brooke I'm from Utah from Utah? So the cold weather doesn't necessarily hit you too hard. Every say, it's harsher. Yeah. Meaner? Does it feel more personal here is that what it is? Attacked by the air joined that where are you from Graham? I'm from San Francisco. Well, I've been here for ten years. Now eleven years and seasons is like a new thing for me never really had that. So I have to say that first couple snowfalls is so magical for me. But then you know, January comes. I'd say grace. Does it is it leaving three lights are down. Yeah. And it's also kinda hard. I have to say sometimes performing when it's when it's cold out because it's like, we'll have like a matinee show, and then in the evening show, and in between, you know, you want to go get a Cup of coffee a bite to eat then. So you have to have really bundle up outside get your food, really quick. And then come back in and then like warm up again. Yeah. You don't wanna you know, pull something. So I was wondering that you have to stay warm. That's that's the name of the game. Yeah. Well, I was delightful talking to both of you. You're so charming, and I can't.

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