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I'm Ryan Gorman with me this evening, Felix Vega and James Berland er on the board, joining us on the hotline right now we have Hillsborough County Economic Development Director Lindsey Kimble. Thank you so much for joining us for a few minutes. Lindsay, we appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me appreciate it. So first of all, tell us about Hillsborough County's Rapid response recovery program. What the program is and then what this means now that it's entering application Phase two. Sure so this program designed to help our locally owned businesses here in Hillsboro County. We know that they are the backbone of our economy. We want to do everything we can to help them maintain and survived. During this Cobain 19 crisis. That is so negatively impacted them. So we launched a program, which is designed to provide ah working capital that can provide reimbursement for payroll expenses. It also can provide a reimbursement for ah, those costs associated with preparing the workforce. For the new normals for buying sanitation supplies pp. Reconfiguring your office remote working costs. Those sorts of things talk a little bit about the hit that small businesses. Have taken heater into Tampa Bay area and in particular Hillsborough County, based on the small business owners that you've talked to throughout the course of this crisis. What are they telling you? Oh, my gosh. Right. It's just it's devastating. It's heartbreaking. Every application that I that we read that I've picked up has been just really heart wrenching stories of people you know, were full. This donor's put their heart and soul into their business. It's a family affair. A lot of time. Um, it's it's their lifeblood into Reed. You know the the economic injury that's been caused by this crisis in terms of loss of sales supply chain disruptions. Um, you know, customers not able to come out to their to their place of business because you know they've been either forced to close the non essential It's just really taken a hard toll and and to see that the revenue declines and the number of employees that have had to be laid off. It's just really. It's very stark. Are you finding that a majority of the businesses that you talked Teo and you attempt to help our ableto hang in there, or are you finding that many of them are just having to close down? Ah, the majority that we're talking to. You are able to continue. They are hanging on. It's it's you know, a tightrope walk right now for some of them. But they they're doing it. They're hanging in there. They're adapting their fighting new ways to reach customers. Like I said, through maybe online servicing or for restaurants, Of course, you know, transitioning more, too. To go opportunities and and leveraging some of the delivery services and having their own delivery services. People are even adding physically adding to go windows to their structures. That's another item that we can reimburse under our programs if they've had to add Physically adapt things in their building and the costs associated with that, So it's just, you know, it's all about just being resourceful Industrias. I just think that they're doing everything that they can survive. I'm joined by Hillsborough County Economic Development Director Lindsey Kimble, who's here to talk about the county's rapid response recovery program. Entering application. Phase two. Are there certain sectors, certain industries that you're finding have been hit harder than others. Well, certainly thie retail in the restaurant. The bars who all are qualified under this program to apply. Um, you know, certainly they've They've been impacted the personal services. You know so many applications from you nail salon in a hairdresser's and you know, I want to point out. One of those folks are are sold proprietors in a long time They're renting a spot in the shops. So particularly hair dresser example. I want to be really clear to every he's listening. You know, if you are a soul proprietor, you are eligible to apply. Ah, lot of times. You know the programs that were sold out by the feds and the state. That was a gap there In a lot of times in an FDA financing, there could be a gap for sole proprietors are program is open to sell proprietors. Um, So again, That's just a way that we're trying. Tio. We crafted a program that we wanted to fill The gaps that weren't left by people who are left out of everyone started the PPP program and the Idol loan program AA. Lot of folks got left behind. So we try to craft this program so we would target The smallest small of our small businesses first, and we're slowly expanding the program to cast a wider net. So as you mentioned the beginning of this interview nowhere in faced right now. And that has cast a wider net across the entire county. So this accounting program, But it doesn't matter if you're within a city limit or not, you're eligible if you meet the other criteria. You can apply for our county program. It's it's absolutely Countywide. Lindsay, this is Felix Vega. I want to get into some of those details because you have three different categories, depending on what kind of business you have in certain revenue requirements. Could you walk us through what those are turned for the businesses they qualify. Sure. So in your class. You want three different programs? Correct? Yeah, because there's the kickstart for small businesses. The backto work you mentioned, I think with really interesting is safe at work to make those safety improvements. Right, Right. So right, So we have three different programs on and they were crafted purposefully to hopefully address this three different specific needs of small businesses because, you know they're going very inside. Like I said, we have sole providers we have business is a small This could be anybody up, Tio. You know, 101 100 employees and in our program, we tracked that by employees size and by revenue..

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