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Relationships using systems and tiny habits. Check out our six minute, networking course, which is free over at Jordan. Harbinger dot com, slash course. Don't wait don't do it later. You gotta dig the well before you get Thursday. Once you need relationships. You are way too late and the drills are designed to just take a few minutes per day. That's why it's called six-minute networking people. So go grab that Jordan. Harbinger dot com, slash course. Speaking of building relationships, tell me your number one takeaway here from Hal Elrod. I'm at Jordan harbinger on both Twitter and Instagram. There's a video of this interview on our YouTube channel at Jordan. Harbinger dot com slash YouTube. This show is produced an association with podcast one. And this episode was co produced by Jason miracle brunch. Filipo and Jen harbinger show notes and worksheets are by Robert Fogerty, and I'm your host Jordan harbinger. Remember, we rise by lifting others. So the fee for the show is that you share it with friends when you find something useful, which should be in every episode. So please share the show with those you love and even those you don't in the meantime, dear best to apply. What you hear on the show? So you can live. What you listen. And we'll see you next time. A lot of people ask me which shows I recommend one of my favorites. Of course is mind pomp. You've heard me talk about it a bunch. It's not just a bunch of bro, fitness stuff. There's some broS, and there's some fitness, but there's a lot of really solid science in there as well. And I I love these guys live in my town here saying today, I've got Sal here from mine pump as well episode nine eighty this is kind of one of those the sounded like a men's health magazine at an airport headline almost in listened to it five steps to your best body by.

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