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Before you start planning your retirement party. Make sure you've got your retirement plan. You could never be too prepared for life after work, and we're here to help. This is retirement. Ready with Tony Drake on WTMJ. I'm Tony Drake, certified financial planner with Drake and Associates. You can always visit us at retirement ready. Sho dot com. Have the crew here. Brad Allen went to Peppercorn. Hello. Hello. I think I saw seventies in the forecast here, not thirties. That's nice change of pace. Fantastic. Looking forward to my kids are I think over the 30 is that's for sure. Yeah, way purchased just little blow up pool for the little guys, and it's just sitting in a box in the garage, teasing them, right? I can't imagine you're breaking that out soon, but great topic today, guys. I'm very excited, but we do have around. Great class coming up. We have a couple spots left, and we're focusing this month on, you know, let's face it. We have a new administration in Washington. You know, massive government spending without any rising taxes to pay for that. Likely means we're gonna be seeing inflation and arising tax rate environment that can take a big bite out of your nest egg if you don't protect yourself, so we're going to give you some action items on how you can protect your retirement nest egg. We're going to be out in the Wauwatosa area this week. The 19th and 20th in the evening at six P.m.. Talking about exactly that. Of course, keeping those groups eyes is a little bit smaller. Keep everybody separated and safe, only accepting reservations for tables for one or tables for two, So we need you to register ahead of time and you can do that right at retirement. Ready sho dot com And, of course, welcome Everybody to the show. We have a great topic, and we want to talk to you this week about bad retirement advice, and if I'm more specific, I want to talk about how to avoid bad retirement advice. Make no mistake. While people today need professional help, they often don't seek it for reasons that we're going to talk about throughout.

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