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Even more mysterious several days after his death his his wife Mary who was yet unaware of her husband's fate woke up. One morning to find Percy pacing back and forth on the balcony thinking. He came home early and snuck in that previous night. Mary excitedly called hold out for him and hurried towards the balcony. A she approached. She thought she saw him jump off though the when she ran to the outside bracing herself for the horrible sight which must lay on the ground below. There was nothing as very was standing by the balcony. Tried figure out if she was going mad she heard it knock at the door your when she opened the door a man who was a close family friend was there looking quite somber so she invited him in all the while telling him of the strange visions she had seen on the balcony. The France stopped adopt. He put his hands on Mary shoulders and in a voice barely above a whisper. He said curtain. It's been Percy that you saw. He's passed on. When the story of Percy and is haunting d'appel Ganger all the more interesting is that Percy has has ties to another tale a monstrous one? You see the Mary he later married. It became Mary Shelley the very same Mary Shelley. Who wrote Frankenstein.

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