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He was on here. And we were talking about Diane, and just, you know, the star power, and how if he ends up being, you know, even close to the player that we're projecting or you know, that's possible than you put him alongside, you know, next to you on core. Then you're starting talking about you know, what the Lakers did to attract. The LeBron James or you know, with the Knicks or trying to do to attract a Kevin Durant. You have a nice young core. And you have kind of a centerpiece that could really attract people. So. Yeah, that's cap space definitely affects the conversation at number two. When I saw this. I thought it was awesome. Now, I don't know how it works. I think the ball in their hands. But I don't care. I wanna see I think people in the Dallas Mavericks, Luca, Danni and ins I on. I think that would be very entertaining Luca has already taken the league by store, and we did a poll on hoops. I we had readers vote on the most entertaining player in the NBA and Luca got number one already while. Yeah. I mean that came out I think the day before the all-star returns, and I saw both of those things. And I was like man, you know, it's really rare to see a kid like that, you know, just take over the league and have that kind of immense popularity this quickly. But if you play both those guys on the same team, that's must see TV. No. I mean there the swag champs like right out on a game. It's the kind of thing where you're thinking. Well, DASA probably be too good to be able to be in a position to draft him. And they do oh they're pick to Atlanta because of the trae young trade if it's outside the top five, but if Dallas winds up being a lottery team and the lottery odds are a little bit different this year. So there would be a chance they could act get that number one pick. I think you'd have to take Zion. And I, and I totally agree the fit there it's questionable because they're both kind of big time playmakers. Right. But the pairing is just so like just I it almost mind-blowing like the comparisons. I put in the newsletter was like Larry Bird and Charles Barkley on the same team for the Celtics in the eighties or like montage nobly and LeBron James on the same team for the Cavaliers in early two thousands, right. Like that even just thinking of those ideas blows your mind because we've never really seen, you know, that type of star partnership where there's so much playmaking. There's so much physicality. On one side. There's just appear touch and skill of Luca dodge Ajay. And that's another thing too is history point shot is so reliable that again, if you're trying to space the quarter around Zion and allow him to go to the hoop constantly Aluko would definitely allow him to do it. I also just kind of trust Rick Carlisle..

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