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Make a mislead. It's a maker miss league. It's a make on mislead. Make dough miss some maker MS league. This is but goods some good blacks last night. Very, katie. Okay. This yawn is one of the year. I mean, this is insane. Jake Lehman here too. Jake layman's having a season this one though, right? And it we got a whistle, right? Looks good. Let even hands part of the ball, like totally clean. Right. Oh, man. Yeah. This is. Yeah. And. Right there you go. That was that was guest you make nook and Turk, which I think is like our next buddy comedy cop buddies. Eric cantor who was planning first game for Portland, Merrick and Turk yet it combined for forty five and twenty one on eighteen to twenty four shooting. We'll bully ball. Right. Like that. From these guys. It's not gonna work every game. You got going to you don't need Kanter every game. But win they're going like this. It's a nice little change up. They can throw. It's no surprise that. He had something to say afterward. He tweeted after being in the next you said, so this is what it feels like to win. There you go. This the perimeter staff dunk alert look at this nice little to handle, and he is very impressed with himself watch. What he does afterwards. The first of all the dunk. And then look he's like oh. Let little scream action. Right. If you're in the half court offense to, you know, not even hopes. I forgot about that. Right. Remember, the slip? Yeah. We don't want to do and. Oh, yeah. No, okay. Well, he had a good one in the all star game. So what do you think the over under for Steph dunks the rest of the year if it's one and a half or you over under? I I forgot about that slip. But just tell him everything. He should to put that in there. I would different. I'm all for the sixth grade art history. Right prince may youth. Stay check out the rebound. My Marvin Bagley out everyone in the gym. He had one of four that was one of his fourteen rebounds off the bench. It'd be impressed with this kid, right? Scotty. Is it time for award this time from start? Definitely type since he came back from his injury, which I think was like December January. He's been awesome. Do we know? By the way, the bunny hill Dave Yeager, arguing well, we'll get to that. This book is all right. We'll get to that. We'll get to that. Right back. President Bodmer back in the lab would be most athletic rebounds of all time. And he'd promised the oh, man. We would be impressed thousand eighteen Donovan Mitchell versus the Hornets. I think pods new this is a potentially controversial top three of all time. And he did put a second. Instead of I. Let's take a look. I wouldn't have thought he was on the list. Hey, hey, he be nice. It's warm. President. When you do that when you are six foot as a foot I ever saying this is number one tomorrow moon, two thousand seven versus I. Tomorrow could get up. Tall six seven. He's with Alan shocker. I can't even read the top shelf of my kitchen. Mike to go up and get that very impressive for a I I'm just saying I'm just saying let's get to the end of the Celtics bucks game which left Boston fans upset off locker room upset Marcus Morris was upset because he thought he was held by Chris Middleton before that inbound, Kyrie Irving also felt there was contact on him as he drove to the rim. Morris didn't even talk after this game..

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