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Work. So now we're back in the position of trying on the packers goat for size. How the hell did we get back here again? And I guess once we try the packers go down for size, then we'll go back to the kid we drafted. Is that the way it's gonna work? And the draft choices that you cough up for him, you're willing to, you're willing to give up? I guess so. How the hell did this happen? We were supposed to be strolling up Zack's Fifth Avenue, not hoping that Rogers would be strong down the canyon of heroes. I don't know why that's always keeps happening to the jets. I don't know why. And I know we're solace that he keeps receipts of people who doesn't believe in them and I know he had fun rescinding that comment here on this even on this program here. And how Garrett Wilson and soft Gardner and Bruce hall and Elijah Tucker are changing the culture in that locker room, but I can not believe the jets are back here again throwing a Hail Mary. In the direction of Green Bay and in many remarkably and we've heard this before, Hail Mary involving Aaron Rodgers appears to be connecting. He completes those. He does. And had you listen to me a month ago, you would have been settled in on this decision and you thought about it right now. But you didn't want to listen. You'd be feeling great today. If I listen to you. A month ago, yeah. Okay. I told you it was going to happen. I just don't trust anything for me since you were trolling me about Mike white, a two calendar years ago. Was that a Chris? Was that a troll or was that it was not speaking facts? Anything. He was the best quarterback on the team at that point. Look, look, look, look. All I know is, I appreciate it. From you. At least we did hear about the two conference championship seasons the Jets have had in the last 25 years. Yeah. So that's why I don't believe it from the man to my right. He's taking a shot at you. I just did. I know. But the fact of the matter is I did say this was going to happen. And he didn't want to listen to him. But that rumor seems to be a fact, doesn't it? It's hot. Well, they gave him permission to talk to the jets. It's happening. If they wanted him back, like the two previous years, they'd say no. You're back. You're under contract. We're paying you all that money. So I hear that and I think to myself, it's now on the general managers and Rogers is going to be a jet. Wow. Does that make 2023 lit or what? It's coming. I believe it is coming. 8 four four two O four rich is the number to dial Daniel Jeremiah will be joining us coming up next. We'll talk to him about the combine and all the other aspects of the new league year that's coming up one week from tomorrow and then later on today franchise tags hit. Joe banner, longtime executive in this league, I told him, hey, Joe. You're going to be in LA. Let me know. Let me know he's showing up here perfect guy to talk to. What are these two general managers? Gudeta kunz and Joe Douglas talking about what are the ravens thinking of doing right now about Lamar Jackson, the Giants are supposedly deepened last minute negotiations or 12th hour negotiations with Daniel Jones prior to needing to make a franchise tag designation on him. And if they make one on him, that means saquon doesn't get one because you can only give out one of them. Joe Douglas and studio Peter king hour three, there's you at 8 four four two O four rich. Number to dial. 8 four four two O four rich let's have a chat. Do not go anywhere. Daniel Jeremiah, when we come back

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