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Rollover Calif stand as smart as the story. At least six occupants of a border Patrol van were injured Thursday when an 18 wheeler cut it off on the West Texas highway. It happened about two miles east of Van Horn. The van carrying six detained migrants was traveling east on I 10 when the semi pulled out of a roadside rest area right in front of it, forcing it off the road where it rolled. All occupants of the van had to be hospitalized. The driver of the semi was unhurt but was ticketed for causing the accident. Dennis Martin l I. F news news and information time is 54. Let's go look at right now. Traffic Here's Bill Jackson. In Dallas on I 35 E South Funded Illinois. Amadou erect blocks two left lanes. It's slow going from downtown in Rowlett on the George Bush Turnpike north approaching Miller Road. Looks like the latest problem there is being cleared out of the weight. Richardson on 75 North Beltline. The stall blocks the H O V lane that adds to intermittent delays all the way from Lemon Avenue in Grand Prairie on the George Bush Turnpike South Front of Jefferson Erect is reported with Stop and go delays from Carrier Parkway in Arlington. I 20 East Bonded Bollman Springs. An earlier accident was cleared, even with all lanes open their left to back up past campus drive that's still very slow in those eastbound lanes. And also backed up on the southbound side of east Lupe 20 with Kayla traffic. I'm Bill Jackson. Now, let's get a look at your 5 70 K l F News and information forecast w F A A meteorologist Jesse Gorilla, Maybe a shower thunderstorm north of the Metroplex overnight 74. We'll see clearing.

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