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Online well this investigation continues authorities say the suspect is described as a man wearing a blue hoodie and writing the blue color tried to read five thirty nine while carrying a handgun schools in the Tucker Tim Parkinson area remained on lockdown five thirty nine closed in the area technician police told us the reports of shots fired outside the elementary school are not true and that all the children are safe a sixteen year old team is killed Elizabeth Wednesday night what is Lyme scooter collided with a tow truck the accident happened at the intersection of Elizabeth Avenue and south Spring Street Thursday night Nelson up Wednesday night Nelson Maranda Gomez was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries the tow truck driver has not been charged with already say this appears to be the first fatal accident in the state Bobbi electric scooter through a pilot rental program with lime New Jersey law enforcement better know how to interact with and treat transgender individuals according to a new directive from the state that comes with mandatory training for all officers by the middle of next year John Olivera with garden state equality says treating people with dignity and respect costs us nothing we get called story all of the time where New Jersey and have had issues related to their sexual orientation or gender identity we come in contact with law enforcement along with specific rules the directive includes independence of key terms cop should learn and others they should avoid a rowing university student has been arrested on charges he spied on students in their dorm rooms even recorded some as they went about their daily routines last for a police were called about a suspicious man and the Roman Boulevard garage looking into student housing windows at first they didn't find anything then ninety minutes later they caught Mitchell Makowski on the fourth level of the garage with a pair of binoculars looking interested in building across the street FOR Caskey admitted he was spying and was arrested on the spot a former White House national security aides is a July tenth meeting of US and Ukrainian officials was so alarming their boss told her to call lawyer Fiona hills as a key moment was when European Union ambassador of cortisol and said he and president trump's acting chief of staff and worked at a deal with Ukraine's president Phil says her boss defend and that his unmistakable body language got her attention business groups and interests are pushing back against a bill moving through the legislature that attempts to change the rules for classifying workers as independent contractors Tracy noble of Tripoli New Jersey says the change could affect the more than one hundred fifty contractors the auto club uses to provide.

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