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Outside the lines. George Gascon on reality. Well, he may be Pinocchio but the Japan Oh, in the story is George Soros. Who is this sugar? Daddy, who funded George Gascon is campaign and he didn't just do it in Los Angeles. But he also ran other candidates very similar to George Gascon in San Diego and Sacramento and Alameda, San Francisco, Other counties. He's trying to do this up and down the state and I talkto District Attorney Steve Cooley last week, former District attorney Who said that if you're in Orange County, or you're in Riverside County or Ventura County or imperial or or other Southern California counties, guess what it's coming your way. George Soros wants to remake this state. There are a lot of billionaires out there who do not believe what George Soros believes. Is it time for someone to pony up the money to be the counterbalance to George Soros so that our team has the money that they need to launch a vigorous campaign against these candidates who have these radical beliefs that are funded by George Soros. God, I hope so. I would think that there would be a line of people that were willing to band together to keep this from happening. We have to launch encounter campaign and yes, that does require fun. Um, but people are gonna pay with their lives and the initial victims that died that that's one wave of being victimized. But the real harm is done in the remaining families that are left to suffer that loss forever. And I would like to think that there's a lot of good people out there that have Very deep pockets. It would that would like to come over to our side. At least I hope so. And from everything that I read on Mr Sorrows, by the way, he became a billionaire. He made most of his money on the back of tragedy. So what is his endgame? I have to ask what exactly? Is he planning for the cities that he leaves basically in a pile of ashes? Well, he's a 90 something year old billionaire. He has private security. He lives behind the gate. He doesn't have to worry about being the victim of a crime. But if you're a single mom or you're an elderly person, or you're a child walking the school and you've got child molesters, and you've got muggers if you got murderers out there You rely on the district attorney's office. You rely on law and order. You rely on the police to keep you safe. He doesn't have to worry about it. But the people whose lives he's impacting they do. Exactly exactly. John and those people will come in a multitude of cultures. So I my mind is blown. It doesn't matter. Who you are or where you are The propensity the for becoming a victim. It could be a drive by shooting is generally will happen in the Uh, poor neighborhood. But this is going to spread like a cancer to where people in Beverly Hills can be victimized is nobody lives in the gas glass Castle. When you speak to Deputy D A s people who spend their careers trying to keep bad guys locked up. What did they tell you about their new boss? This has to be heartbreaking for them. It's heartbreaking. I've heard them speak of fear. I know personally, several that have taken early retirement. Their minds are blown. They cannot Believe that they are being asked to Indoors. The release of dangerous criminals. He's actually asking them to endorse. Criminals. As opposed to Ah, well, he abolished the lifer, Human way. Um Touches the Manson family. I've got a hearing January 2020 seconds on the Davis, who's the meanest and nastiest of them all? Outside of even in my opinion above Charlie, Um we will have no more legal representation there whatsoever. Do you believe there's there's a chance that the district attorney's office could go into that hearing and say, Yes, we advocate for the release of the Manson family. That is exactly what Mr Gaston is is asking of his district attorneys now nobody will be going in. That's been forbidden. There will be no more representation from a legal entity in a parole hearing, but he's actually asking Or letters of support for the release of the inmate to be written to the California parole Board. Based on your understanding of gas guns position if Charlie Manson were still alive, Do you think Gascon would advocate for his release? Absolutely. This is an example of the broad stroke of the paint brush that I was referring to earlier there have to be you can't Hey. You can't have a blanket policy. Everything needs to be judged on his own merit. Or lack thereof. In order to import public safety and I will stand about that stand behind that. To my dying breath, and so should everybody else. This is a problem for each and every one of us. We will be living in fear. Until we take care of this problem, and Mr got Stone is not willing to listen to reason. He's only willing to listen to people that support quote unquote victims. That support his Agenda. Now horse can be found in all kinds of labors. And if you truly experienced the loss of a loved one, you are not going to get on board with this. This guy needs to be run out of town on a rail and I know he was just elected and I know we're talking about a recall of the governor, So we got a lot going on right now. Politically in that arena. But if this guy is allowed to serve four years, his district attorney, the permanent damage that he can inflict on the people of Los Angeles is immeasurable. I really do believe this guy not only has to be recalled, but victims need to confront him every time he gives a press conference every time he gives a speech every time he goes out there any advocates for these sorts of things. The other side has to be presented. And the people of Los Angeles need to know the damage that this guy is doing to our county. I am all about protecting the innocent. Here's all about protecting the guilty. And I think, John, you're right. That's exactly what needs to be happening. Not only the families of victims, but the people at large people that have not yet Had this horrific experience. I'm I do not want one more person to have to experience the pain that my family went through. My mother is known as the mother of victims rights. We wrote all of the rights that Mr Gaston is now taking away. I saw the handwriting on the wall before he ever took office. I said to my DEA. Oh, boy. I see our victim's right slipping away. People. These air rights that are very important. Let me tell you you have. I hope most of you don't know and never have to know how important they are. But if there was ever a fight worth fighting This is it. If your mom were around today, what advice would she give? She be pushing me up. Run your war. You're Deborah Because right now she would be two people. But she was just run and saying Go, daughter more your go. Yeah. Oh, boy. Debra Tate, Victim's rights advocate. You.

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