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So you know, I hate to be. One that to say this. But you know, he's been a bus for for them. And you know, he's very obvious. Now that you know, he's not the player that they drafted. And they realized that and I'm sure that they're not finding any takers form. So I I do think that this is the last of the show man that we will see probably sixty one. But I don't know what they're going to have to eat this contract or a what? But right now, his his future. Just it doesn't look to that for him. I mean to be the top pick in a drought and just just not able to bring anything no value to the game at all. I feel sorry for the it'd be on this. Yeah. The woods pray for Markelle. They messed up your shot. But the the thing about him is finding out that it was a physical problem will we hope that. This was the cause I think it gives you a little hope that he can develop into something. If you're the Sixers right now, you can't trade him because you trade them his values at its out to kill might as well hold onto them. And hope he comes around. I hope this was issue. And then he's gravy on top of what the state that. You already have with the big three, but to trade him or to look to kind of partways. I don't think that's the move right now. Just to meet just depends on what you can get with him. I never liked to say trader don't trade in a vacuum. What what are you giving me the value shooting right now right now the values at its absolute loss. I if if I can get for him something I need then that then his value isn't so low like his value is he brings me in something. I need great. If he doesn't if you're right Scott in no one's making an offer. Then obviously, you don't want to rid of in for nothing. Just for you watched him for the your soul, and you he don't have any value. You can't even show. Good video on this kid right now. So you don't have any selling points in his contract, by the way. Yes, it's a rookie deal. But because of the overall pick he's cheating. It can crack me as at twelve million around ten or twelve million that he's gonna make next year. That's a as a chunk when you're doing your calculations. So that's another thing about teams, maybe possibly taking him on. On if you're quote taking a flyer on Marquel. Full to you have to also be taking a fly around that salary. And that's I think going to be obstacle as well. I mean, thank you so much for joining us. Your RTD are two d- two sweater on brand there. Coming up. We are going to have plots because we probably and they're counting. We will. I have here is doc low with a little more on the Sixers. The Sixers are thirteen and four with Jimmy Butler in the lineup killing it on both ends of the floor. When all three of their stars play together to said fitting three all stars Shakti Junkers. It'd be hard. It is Butler put a win. Jimmy, you a seventy sixer. There have been growing pains. Joel Embiid has already sounded off without his new role. Joel Embiid is a little Turbe saying that he's now being used as a spacer. He's being used to stretch five he has to jostle with two other guys who like to post up watch out for for cars when the big fella does post up. He sees lots of bodies. Ben Simmons hangs near the rib defenders sag away from Butler. Feed swarmed in. I'm not sure what that was number show EADS right that he doesn't post up as much with Butler and Simmons around he becomes the world's biggest bottom shooter. And he's not always happy about it on some possessions, never sets book below three point. That is a waste of what makes bees. Overwhelming Simmons and Butler have nice too man game. But it reduces Embiid with spectator. What it's Butler who has sacrificed most when all three stars share the floor. He chosen the corner. Osteen? He gets the few shots. The offense doesn't always flow your term my turn stuff going, but it's working all three at the talent. And the smarts to play off of each. Other Butler is sign on my back door..

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