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John Doug and rusty are back. So. Let's tackle this last month. Russ you weren't part of this but. I know you're a big fan of the show. So you probably had your own thoughts We talked about the American royal. We talked about the current state of where we're at in the country and the corona virus and all this other stuff. And Medicine may cancel than the week after that. The Jack Daniels canceled. There's been plenty of other barbecue competitions that have canceled as we've rolled along here through the weeks and I've been waiting and waiting for the American, royal to do the same thing however, they continue to maintain that they will try and make this event come off time. During the weekend that I can't remember right off the top of my head. So we went around the day last month and said percentage of chance that this is going to happen hundred percent chance that it will or zero percent chance that it will or some places in between. So we will revisit Doug you are up I. Is there a zero percent chance that the American royal happen or a hundred percent chance at the American Royal Hap-? If, you recall last time. I. Was Ninety, five and five. The five percent was for the five hall of fame. inductees. Yes. I am now I spoke to someone no names. please. A conversation with someone high up in KCBS, and it sounds like I'm going fifty fifty. Now. Realize Wa Siam based on this? Conversation. Okay. and. The rumor has is is that in maybe you know something more but arrested batum yet. They're not going to allow a public or the buzzards to come in, and it's going to be team only, and they're going to try to control the the number of people in attending do that, and maybe it's a money grab, but that's just me. John Solberg zero percent chance or one, hundred percent. Chance of the American royal is happening. It's zero, it's not happening in. That, happening and calling the gaffer visitors at a barbecue contest, buzzard is a fence. Get off. Their you know, are they going to turn down? The seventy thousand gated missions that happens the weekend of the barbecue contest alone, not to mention its two months of festivals and activities that surround the right. It's not forget. It's a little tiny thing. They're gonNA, wait very the window, their cancellation insurance because that's what they have to do I. Say it will not happen I will bet this war deposits the you're saying one, hundred, percent, one, hundred percent is one hundred percent. Yes. It's going to happen. We were hundred. It wasn't happening this week or zero, it's not happening. Not Happening it's too big. There's too much risk. No matter what. All right. All right Rusty Monson your thoughts on if the American royal is going to happen or not. Well. Like you said, I did talk to emily detweiler and she seemed very confident and Johns before hundred, ninety, nine pennies if it does. So I'm going a hundred percent that it will happen why they did cancel all all of the you know the fluff and stuff like that. But the competition will go and I think actually that probably means it will happen more now because it's more safer environment for the cooks. So I think that actually put me to a hundred from ninety, nine percent while. All, right. Well, I was fifty fifty initially, and then by the time my speech ended I was one hundred percent sure that it was not going to happen. And a month later, I have new information. And a new result. Actually. It's not new at all. There's a zero percent chance at this thing is. It's not going to. Know. You can strip out everything you want you can. Kill the buzzards or as we call them in my world customers because they're paying. You can strip out all of that still doesn't change. The fact that there could be could be upwards of one hundred, thirty teams on day one, and there could be upwards of three hundred or four hundred teams on day two in the OPE. There's no way you're GONNA be able to regulate that many barbecue cooks to stay the fuck away from each other because rusty said, they're just humans. You don't realize you're accumulating with each other until somebody's going dude one. It's bad if if if Memphis. In. May. MEMPHIS IN MAY has cancelled, how can the American royal take place? I will say in complete contradiction where I, love to live and hypocrisy. Perhaps, the American royal wants to say. We did it in twenty twenty. I think that could potentially be an irresponsible flag to plant the barbecue sand here I'm merely speculating that. But, we are really running up against where they need to make the call and it could becoming a potato. I. Mean. The end of the month is the end of the week, right? I think the thirty first is on Friday. So I I think we're probably right up against where they need to make that call. I would be shocked if we see the American Royal Barbecue Competition take place in any form or fashion. So I'm with John by the way John are one, hundred percent right and Doug rushed the. Wrong, and we'll see how it all turns out here. Let me go around the Crock here before I. Let you guys go doug anything coming up that you WANNA talk way by. believe almost let this one go and we can run long on this. GotTa go. Will you? At all ever wallace out ever try the new subway barbecue, rab- sandwich, Rusty Monson yesterday. Down to, TRY ANYTHING DO HAVE I'll. Give it to me. Isolate that from Russi all eat it. All right. Dog, will you eat a subway barbecue ribs sandwich? Yes or no? Absolutely. If you recall, I liked their brisket sandwich. So I. May. He knew I was going there. Yes. Absolutely. John signed, we'll do it. All right. John, Solberg will you eat a barbecue ribs sandwich? I will take the assignment if a sign. All right. Now, let's back out for a second. No assignment. I WanNa know what your personal feeling is here. Will you.

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