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Welcome to today's edition of the rush. LIMBAUGH show podcast. It is always an incredible honor to fill in for rush. Limbaugh and let's just everybody together wish rush happy independence day it's tire family, everybody in the limbaugh family happy, Independence Day. There is packed. We don't get to use stack of stuff. That's trademark. That's that's America's anchorman doing so we get a junior stack of stuff, but it fills trailer at the backup a huge massive trailer. Trailer of today in the studios of Five Ninety K. Q. and T. and spokane. Let me use the studios. We have covert fact checking because cases, cases cases. Do you see the narrative cases, cases cases? This is the narrative as if cases equals death so this narrative. We got a poke a hole in that. That's that's hard to do. We're going to talk about that. Some of the steps that are being taken in your states. To limit your liberties are in there, saying they're state center, saying you can meet with five people outside of your household per week, but not six. Love to see you. Love to see the data on that sixth person that's that's what's going to push us over the top. Also talk about who's making money on the lockdowns. We surprise you to know their politicians who've effectively cut out their competition, but they're staying open in businesses they own, plus it's open line. Friday eight, hundred, two, eight, two, two, eight, eight, two, so any of the topics you wanNA bring. If you've got a trailer of stuff, tell us that as well. We sometimes look at this time. That were in. It is so easy to perceive. We're going through as a burden. It really is easy to do that. I believe that God gives us things we can handle, but I believe also sometimes the burden that we carry. Is that which is our opportunity for growth? And we have sitting in front of us. One of the greatest. For growth as a political movement of Conservatives and constitutionalist. And people who love this country and love what it's designed to be. and. It's so fascinating to me that this epiphany hit me. Just before Independence Day, which is for personal reasons, my my most meaningful holiday.

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