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Brand new orthopedic boot. Thanks benita it's going to be very boring for years man. Yeah and then. There's your media asking questions. Like how does your foot feel joe biden solid. So do you think we're gonna boot. You feel fantastic bob. Everything's great solid stuff right there. Meanwhile political honing in on the things that matter with regard to joe biden's picks so. I gotta say the left is so racist but to so unbelievably racist. They'd see other people simply in terms of their essentially racist characteristics. It's it's incredible. It's incredible okay. So there's an article in politico. It's called lawmakers to biden. Step it up on cabinet diversity. The next administration will feature a number of historic first but lawmakers and advocates color are pushing for more. This is a reported piece that took three reporters from politico to put together. Megan casella laura. Baron has an alice. Miranda holstein a very diverse group. Because they're a woman as the media would put it. Here's what they said quote the faces of the economic team. At president-elect joe biden unveil publicly tuesday included an african american woman a man born in nigeria in indian american woman and just one white man so let me just note right off the top. That's a horrible later. Described human beings. Is it not right you. You see a group of supposedly well qualified candidates. And you don't describe them as you know a former partner at some big firm or former government official or what they've done in their life you describe them simply by the racial characteristics. You'll things that they've had since they were born. It's like a banana ad. it's ridiculous here. The faces of the economic team included a black woman. A man born in nigeria and indian american woman. And just one white man i mean so so basically we are now just picking faces from a log. Remember that time that mitt romney's ripped up and down for saying that he had binders full of women because he wanted women to fill cabinet positions and left. That's terrible how could he do that. Well now politico is literally just running down. Joe biden's picks by by noting their races and their sexes and presumably their sexual orientations. And i love this. The response from asian american black and latino democrats. It's not enough. Who thinks like this seriously. Who thinks like this. I have so irritating as a jew which is indeed a minority and in fact the most victimized minority in the united states if you take hate crimes per capita as ju it has never once occurred to me when someone forms a cabinet or a financial team or a corporate team that it is imperative that you have to put a certain number of jews on the team. It's a ridiculous contention. why would you. What the hell does that have to do with anything. Is that the genetics of having a jewish mother. The matter here or is it qualifications. What are you talking about right here. But according to political they want more representation particularly in the cabinet and representative. Jim clyburn the most senior black member of congress and a key. Now i spoke out last week about the need for more diversity. In biden's burgeoning administration. More black latino and asian american lawmakers are joining the chorus texas representative in seconds alice. He said we're very very concerned as a community. As the latino community he called last week for at least five latinos to be appointed to cabinet level positions. It doesn't matter which ones they are presumably. Just as long as they are latino which is crazy. Is there such a thing as a latino interest in seriously like just there's a latino perspective on the world. There's a black and you know who agrees with this racist like actual honest to god neo nazis. Not white racist believe this and apparently the democratic party. This is mainstream. Asian american and pacific islander advocates and officials are warning the biden administration and writing. It will be quote deeply disappointing if several asian american pacific islanders are not nominated to cabinet positions. They're growing increasingly convinced. The president-elect will not match barack obama's total of three asian-americans in his first cabinet meanwhile the congressional black caucus is urging biden to choose a black defense secretary and number of african americans leading departments overall. And this is the stupidest most racist crap ever ever. It is so stupid and so racist and the fact that everybody is just like. Oh this is you know. That's it is important guys. It's really important to skin color of the people you're selecting now seems more important to me. The character of people being selected by joe biden so for example political also reported. And this seems like this should get more coverage. Alex thomson and theodore meyer reporting for politico biden top economic advisor facing accusations of mismanagement and verbal abuse. But she's a woman's. I guess okay right is that that's the way that works. Apparently a former colleague of heather bucci a top economic advisor to president elect. Joe biden is publicly airing prior concerns that bucci mismanaged thing. She runs and verbally abused her. And other subordinates. Saying she wants to prevent future white house employees from during more experience. Claudia sam from director of macroeconomic policy at the washington center equitable growth bush's think-tank publishing on count on of her and other former employee experience working with bucci on her personal website. Tuesday night showed that after her experience. I learned heather's abusive. Behavior was a pattern. Former subordinates and employees have alleged that bush's phenomenally incompetent as a manager and had frequent episodes of yelling and swearing. The complaints were serious enough to think tank where she worked her to management coach to work with her to improve her management style. Around two thousand fifteen. So good times met.

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