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So anyways i no deal what to expect of this premier because you never really know what kind of flood resuming gad usually know as you know when you go to one of these things like you're going to get the actors in the movie but sometimes you get some kind of interesting other actors like david schwimmer at the blake lively for exactly exactly michelle kind of suissa got extremely excited and i had no idea what was going on and she's kind of like hyperventilating that's because jason alexander of seinfeld fame anders the bilderberg why jason alexander with their to theus sia thorpe movie is lake still a question that was unanswered but he came in with over i think was his wife and they like sat down like five rows back and i just like damaging him coming to watch this whole four movie like that he fat through super along and must have been like two hours twenty minutes um and like by a certain point like i literally turned to michelle and said like does anyone get what happens then these movies like i feel like i'm gonna have a general intelligence level of like a normal humanly i could not explain to anything that happened in that movie none of it made sense but there were still a few fun parts because chris hemsworth actually does get to kind of like goof off a little bit you're not selling was movie to me at all to hours twenty minutes funny for marvel the best part in the movie by far is that like for the first like 45 minutes chris hemsworth houses you probably if the on the posters unlike like whatever i think he has it in the other thorn movies like a long blonde kind of scraggly wig.

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