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Been in for Alex gold here on the gold standard and L Beckham junior is certainly the biggest story in sports right now. The giants, of course, delta away to the Cleveland Browns yesterday that deal became official at four PM eastern earlier today and the aftermath in the ramifications of that deal remained large for the New York Giants. Now joining us here on our SP nation radio. Guests hotline, the talk all things big blue is nations own big blue view, founder and writer at Ballantyne. Ed, we appreciate your time today. Matt how are you? I'm good. Thanks for having me. Absolutely. So I'll ask you this to start things off. I mean now you've had a day to kind of look at the details over the trade and kind of process. How it unfolded? What are your thoughts on the giants decision here to get rid of OBGYN? Well, I'm still like a lot of other people. I'm still, you know, pretty stunned that were here at this point weird so much so much chatter lately that things might happen. But even you know up until you know, a little bit more than twenty four hours ago. What we were what we were hearing was people might be calling. But the giants aren't really putting Beckham on the market. And the next thing, you know, he's he's a Cleveland Brown. So it's it's a stunning development. It finally for the giants isn't a mission that they're that. They're in a rebuild that they have to start over. That, you know, from their perspective, the relationship with Odell just wasn't going to work, you know. And and you know, and now we see if if Dave Gettleman can put this back together. I mean at how did we get to this place where a year ago, Dave Gettleman and the giants they gave OB J the biggest contract ever given out to a wide receiver. And here we are a year later, and you know, without any notice a just like that obe- Jay is now no longer on this team. The giants are moving on. I mean, how did we get to this point? And and kind of what is the sense of direction now for this giants team? Well, you know there there's two different questions there. How did we get here? You know, the the sense that I had even when the giants gave Beckham, you know, the the mega contract that they gave him the sense that that I that I had was that they gave him that money. But they weren't a hundred percent certain that that was a great idea. They had a new coach and new GM. And they didn't really want to blow things up right from the beginning. I think they just kinda help their breast, you know, that things would work out, and, you know, from their perspective, they haven't, you know, Odell you took the money from the giants. Then he then he went on ESPN, and he basically threw manning under the bus, and you know, he kind of hinted that well, you know, I got all this money. But but maybe I don't really like New York all that much. You know? And and so I think you right away. There was this whole, you know, why did we sign this guy? You know, we we did he sell us a Bill of goods just to get the money, you know. And then I what I heard today was there was some there was some disagreement over how badly hurt he was at the end of the season when he missed a few games with a quad injury. So I just think there wasn't really a there was a lack of trust to there between the two sides. I think Ed Valentine with us here on ESPN radio Espy nations. Big blue view is your nonstop resource for all things New York Giants football. And you mentioned obviously that there could have been some sort of issue between the giants and Beckham you alluded. You of course, the ESPN interview where he threw Eli under the bus. I mean, you know, my biggest thing with the giants is they knew what OB Jay was. They knew the type of player that he was. And they knew what they were signing up for. To me just to change directions a year after you took a running back with the second pick. And here they are you know, a year later trading away their best player on offense. I it just to me what the direction or the misdirection. The giants have been going in the last year or so just doesn't seem like there's there's a clear plan in place. Well, it's a bad. Look, there's no doubt about that. If they were going to do this. If they were going to move on from Beckham, you know, the the clean time the right time to do. It was probably before they gave him that make it contract. I mean, if nothing else I mean that avoid that would have avoided all the money that they spent in the big dead money hit they're going to take on their salary cap this year. So it doesn't seem to make sense, you know, in a lot of ways because the timing is just weird. I mean, I had this idea that I didn't really think that Beckham was gonna finish the five year contract with the giants. I thought at some point. You know, the the relationship would would go south, and and they would part ways. But I just didn't think it was going to happen now. So the question is he you talk about gentlemen, not having a plan. And he's heard the talk because he addressed it today in his statement on Odell. He's heard the talk that he doesn't have a plan. He says he does he says accumulating all of these draft picks think the giants have two first round picks. Now, they have twelve fixed this year. They have nine picks in two thousand twenty you know, he said that's all part of the plan. The question right now is okay. They've torn it down. Can he put it back together? If he can put it back together if he can build a winning team, then he comes out of this looking good if they flounder for the next five years and turn into a disaster. You know, then then he's gonna wind up looking like a fool. Do you think they got enough in return for oboe backup junior the first third, and of course, Djibril peppers was the player in that deal as well? You know, it's hard to say I mean because I think there was some consideration that that. Yeah. I heard you know, people talking about oh, it's going to take two first round draft picks. And it's going to take this. I never really thought someone would give up two first round draft picks for Odell Beckham. But but really I thought if they were going to take a first round pick. I thought they'd be looking for one in the top part of the draft in the top ten, you know, maybe something like I think San Francisco is has been number two over all pick in the draft. I thought maybe that would be what they would target. So I was a little bit a little bit taken aback that they took the seventeenth overall pick as their highest pick. But they seem happy with it. They seem to feel like that was the best offer they had. And I think there was your think there was some trepidation that if they let this go that they would eventually wind up with an Antonio Brown situation. Spending a few minutes here over the phone on espionage in radio with Ed Valentine, you can get him on Twitter at Ballantyne underscore, add covers the giants for Espy nations, big blue view, and of course, now with OB J, Al. The question now becomes well. What are the giants do from here specifically, you know, what is the future of Eli manning, you know, playing quarterback for this team? So Ed, I mean, if you could kinda prognosticate how you see this year on folding for you lie in what is he future with big blue? Well, it's interesting because I know there was any SPN report. Earlier today that the giants are planning to stick with ally for two thousand nineteen I know that the giants have talked about this Kansas City model of having you I mentor young quarterback for year and then turning things over. But what I'm really interested in is E Y. Manning has a roster bonus due in a few days on March seventeenth, I'm interested at this point that's five million dollars. And I'm interested to see if the giants actually pay it because that's when we're gonna know if they're actually going to move forward with you I for for the upcoming season, or whether they're gonna make another plan for, you know, for for two thousand nineteen right now, you know, right now if it's not Eli they don't have a quarterback. So so right now, you have to think that that unless a plan b shows up in the next couple of days. That they don't have much choice. Do you think they consider maybe a trade for Josh Rosen? If Arizona does indeed decided to take Callum number one. Well, I'll answer that this way the more. I think about that the more I like that idea especially because the price tag that you here for Josh Rosen is basically a second round pick. If you can use the sixth overall pick in the seventeenth overall pick on whoever you consider to be the best players then turn around and get Josh Rosen for your second round pick. Then you've done something here. You know, you've you've managed to get your quarterback of the future and get two first round picks in that looks like something you the question is I don't know if the giants like Josh Rosen enough to do that. He makes sense on paper. It makes sense to me. It seems like a good direction. I just. I don't know if they like the player enough and Valentine our guest here on ESPN radio. Jake has been filling in for Alex gold tonight on the gold standard and add. We can end with this. You know, if you were able to get Dave Gettleman some truth serum here, and you ask them. Hey, do you regret taking saquon Barkley over Sam darnold our year later, you get on them would admit that taken Barkley as great as he is talented and a specialist. It was mistake not going quarterback and really starting to rebuild around darnold a year ago. I don't think you'll ever get Gettleman to say that he he loves the player. Go back to to last year. He said, you know, Berkeley's one of only two players with Peyton Manning being the other one that that he ever gave a perfect grade to in his scouting report. I don't think Gettleman feels that way you, but it's easy. It's easy to make that conclusion because. Quarterback is still more valuable than running back. No matter how you cut it. No matter how great the running back is. And if the giants don't solve this quarterback situation. They'll never get out of saquon Barkley what they should be able to get and Valentine has been our guest. You could follow him on Twitter at Balentine underscore does a great job covering the New York. Giants raspy nations big blue view, great gained a chance to catch up with you here. I appreciate your time tonight. And obviously it's going to be a very busy and important offseason. Now for the New York Giants, thanks for having me coming up. We wrap up this hour Espy nation radio Jake has been in for Alex gold. 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