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Tom brady that pretty boy member that common oh yes so they asked him about it and he gave his answers to why he called him that here's the deal me this is the most add save i've ever heard uk says i can't get sunburn because a stay so hydrog adriana so when i heard that i was like okay if you're from search us i gotta deal with that him you just you you you struggle out of gatorade in the trash this cut out is associates it's been human for forevermark for nicole back to the whole way he looks at life from the way he eats and exercises in mind john says you're calling them out as your typical southwestern yes texas kinda hard core hard to the of to the core football guy potatoes a whole thing i get it and he also said you know i'd i'd much rather win one super bowl and have a lot more fun than be miserable and plain aid or something like that room when multiple in an interesting as it lane you know if you win more than one you'll have a lot fine believe man i got his point and we saw i forget there was a martyr hair whoever was that went to new england draw reggie white was arrayed you wayne as you said this is no funding he got out of there i get that but at the end of the day they win and they win a lot say solans working they do and you know and all i can say is that i've never seen anything like it in any sport and and you could say whatever you want about the spurs in the nba it's willoughby's you when you have major superstores in the nba to win as they listen to the coach and they play hard and they practice but to do it in a cap system in the nfl with fifty three guys into do it over an eighteen year period and to be one watt fourteen division titles are gone and every year fourteen straight years twelve wins are more sleigh like that's crazy that was part of a to the fact they went thirteen in three and they warrant great in december was ridiculous it's going to.

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