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Yep eighty five yards a game. That's thirteen hundred fourteen hundred yards. Giving in a bad fever. Were able win. Thirteen fourteen hundred yards. Yeah you can look it up. Way back on my twitter timeline. The moment that dmitrov traded up to get him in the draft. I said this is a franchise change because he was a difference maker at atlanta unlike any receive right ever seen before in atlanta. He was different hours at the draft. That nice guilt because that would be. I went to the hall of fame. And they had all the guys that go into. The hall of fame came to the draft. I didn't realize how big was until you standing next to him. And then you realize like who do two hundred thirty two thirty six six per figuring not to thirty ram four three four three five four three six freakish. Yes and. I thought it was a big deal that. Aj brown did a tiktok in which he just flat out down on his hands and knees come and join us and was calling him. Leo as julio leo which they have some relationship he's obviously got close relationship with derrick henry. Right so he'll be a good lock. There's going to be animosity or resentment. He'll blend right in. I think they're going to win the division even without him. It's not a very good. You think carson winston gonna to turn back to walk it in have the. He had to play out of his mind because tennessee is the question. I have for tennessee skill. They had the fourth worst pass defense football. So how how much better have they got decide. Bud dupree side jackrabbit. Let let a jury adoree jackson. They daily malcolm butler. Today and cloudy. Didn't give them anything. The kid from big beasley anything. So how much better are they going to be differently. I'm not worried about the office because they were good last year. That is just couldn't stop anybody. Unless of course tim t-boz team steel through division. You never know he's capable. Tim deleted play player him. T-boz team of that. He can still a roth despite this week. Still a rock. Being tibo steelers head of our sisters skip. Come on come on. While the titans tweeted out a picture of julio touchdown it is official. He has moved on. So that'll be fun to watch as it plays out for time pro bowl wide receiver chad johnson made his dachshund debut yesterday bryan maxwell in an exhibition fight. Johnson got down in the final round but was able to get back to his feet to finish the fight shannon. Please give chad johnson a letter grade with the bed last night. Saying you know what i think. Chad chad deserves a. But i'm gonna give. I'm gonna give him a b plus because i thought up until that he had acquitted himself very well up until that point and the one thing teaching botany. You don't go straight back and you keep your hands up. Even the referee the last the last word that he gives you keep it up at all singers alcohol if chad go straight back. He has his hands down because he's starting to get tired. And if anybody ever bother you know how hard it harder. It is to keep your hands up in that position. Three minutes of the people that may three three minutes of the long time only two men wearing a both out and one minute rest if not nearly at the throwing those punches but he got a good shot he got a good. He understood the fundamentals of boxing caserta. He's only been there for about six weeks. He was shooting a jab. He tried to land overhand and this guy was a bare knuckle spider. Even though he didn't have been headings exams but he was a fighter so it wasn't like championship fighting guys. Like they picked him up off the street he come. We got a couple of dollars for it. You come and get the ring chad johnson. No so i thought. Chad a bay and i thought he acquitted himself very well. I gave a b. Plus it entertaining. He got some good quality shots and had he not got knocked down. Who knows he might have won the fight. It's maybe but But i i gave him a b. plus performers. I love chad johnson. I still like to call him. Ocho saying i'm going to go a minus just for having the guts to try it. He said as soon as it was over to everybody watching you got to have the courage to fail in. Chad's got along bucket list and he keeps trying this and that and the other. He's tried bull riding soccer. I did in high school. I'm good that's left. My here's the fatal. He's tried a little bit of everything. The stars yep and He's created apps for phones. He's tried a lot of things. and i. i got to know chad. In two thousand nine when we started going back and forth sparring on twitter and one thing led to the next and early that seasoning before game number one. It was back on september. Eight th of two thousand nine. It was the day after labor day. We actually took. I take on the road for the first time are longtime fans might remember this so that i could go face to face head to head with chad. Ocho cinco in the visitor's locker room on their day off in that paul brown stadium. Cincinnati and marvin lewis stormed in during one of the commercials and was furious. That chad was doing this on the week before. They're open right and yet. It was chad because he's going to have the guts to take me on face to face. He does love the attention. But i went hard at him. And in in our abe locker that show he got some tears in his eyes fighting back. He defended himself very well. And and of course we got to know each other and we became friends. That i've been on tv with numerous times. And he's great to have on television but he's actually to me more of a lover than fi. He's not naturally. A fighter annoys that as off the field issues. Got it but the point is that. I don't think he has it in his heart to be a brawler doesn't come across that way so he worked hard at trying to want southpaw. He's right and his his jab with this. It was pretty good and he was actually doing some damage now just to keep this in perspective. He was fighting the immortal bryan maxwell who was owing three as a bare knuckle writer who was two and three as an enemy fighter and owen one as a professional boxer having lost to the immortal gaspard pierre at the doubletree near the airport in miami. That's where this guy had come from. And he allies. Chad johnson grew up in miami idolizing chen so again was his heart in it to try to put him down. Well yeah maybe become a database. Kill he look. He is a.

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