Gross Domestic Product, ADP, GOP discussed on WSJ What's News - What to Watch for Wednesday, August 30th


In floored we have a place for you not only do we understand your aspirations we are ready for them for all the amazing things your future holds we hold the key floored the future museum what's news from the wall street journal top stories and timely insights i'm charlie turner in new york tropical storm harvey will present congress with challenges including shoring up the federal flood insurance program which is deeply in debt the wall street journal's andrew ackerman will join us but first some top stories harvey moved off the coast of texas but offered no respite for houston as flood waters continued to reach historic highs and the storm threaten another landfall farther east potentially imperilling louisiana later in the week harvey surpassed forty nine inches of rain fall in at least one location making it the largest ever tropical storm and the contiguous us the storm could be responsible for as many as ten deaths across the state president donald trump met with texas governor greg abbott and other officials at a firehouse in corpus christi close to where harvey first made landfall president trump is giving a speech in missouri wednesday calling for tax reform meantime ahead of lawmakers returned to capitol hill next week gop lawmakers still have an agreed on a strategy to get a new tax law passed they hope to do so in a bid to score a legislative victory by year's end but other matters will occupy them from the federal debt limit to hurricane relief efforts on wednesday's economic schedule is an updated estimate on secondquarter gross domestic product there's also adp's private payroll data for august next up congress and federal flood insurance this is what's news from the wall street journal.

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