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We know what they said in Seattle. He won with the defense and the legion of boom and the running game, and the reason he's going to Denver is to prove if we can win because of him. And that is all of a sudden going to have them having the best off season. We don't even know what kind of player we're going to get in Seattle and all the chips are pushed on the table for Russell wood. So I just think that dichotomy to me is really, really interesting. One in 32 both involved Russell Wilson. They didn't feel the jump back in quickly, not to be negative all the time. How about number one, like the bucks aren't number one, but yet they went from Kyle Trask going to be their quarterback that Tom Brady is back. I don't know how that doesn't automatically put you back in the top of the list. Like, you decided to play. Number one, we got big time breaking your roster, generally a good thing. Hey, we do have time for one more thing here on NFL live. And the story of the simply will not stop. How about this? Mike Trout, who was called perhaps the worst commissioner in fantasy football history by Tommy Pham earlier today, he declined to comment on whether jock Peterson violated the rules of the fantasy league, he said he is unsure if he'll resign his commissioner for this coming season, quote every commission I know good cruelty. He said, Jeff, Mike tried is getting dragged unjustly. Yeah, it's not fair to Mike tread. I mean, we know the commission of the war room league is Seth workman. He absolutely has done a worse job than Mike Trout. There's no doubt in my mind about that. There are other commissioners that have done a horrible job too. Mike Trout is the innocent victim here, leave him alone. He's doing what he can to make sure that that league flourishes. We're Big Mike Trout fans. Come on. I can't figure out how the best baseball player in the world is also the commissioner of the fantasy league. NFL live is back tomorrow. How would you love a chance to save some money on car insurance? Geico can help. Switch today and see all the ways you could save with great rates and discounts. It's easy, simply go to Geico dot com to get a rate quote and get started seeing how much you could save..

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